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Daedric Embers trophy vault location in ESO

Welcome, adventurer, to the sprawling underworld of the Imperial City. Nestled deep in the Palace Sewers beneath the majestic White-Gold Tower, the enigmatic Daedric Embers Trophy Vault lies concealed. If you’ve gathered a decent collection of 150 Key Fragments, then this treasure vault’s mystical and alluring rewards await your discovery.

Location and Access

The Daedric Embers Trophy Vault is positioned within the labyrinth of Palace Sewers that sprawls under the iconic White-Gold Tower in the Imperial City. This place’s enigmatic charm is further intensified by its formidable, yet intriguing, requirement for access: 150 Key Fragments.

To the uninitiated, Key Fragments are special items you obtain throughout your journey in the Imperial City, primarily dropped by the numerous enemies you’ll encounter. Accumulate 150 of these, and the vault’s door will swing open, revealing the mysteries inside. At the initial release, a Daedric Embers Key, crafted from 150 Daedric Embers trophies, was required. These keys still exist in-game, but Key Fragments have since replaced them as the requisite for entry.

What’s Inside? The Trophy Chest Loot

Venture into the Daedric Embers Trophy Vault, and you’ll find yourself face to face with the coveted Trophy Chest. This precious container holds a chance to yield the following remarkable items:

  • Brands of Imperium set pieces: Armor sets renowned for their protective aura, offering damage absorption to allies when health falls low.
  • Essence Thief set pieces: Ideal for damage dealers, this set rewards melee attackers with health, stamina, and a damage boost when striking at an enemy’s essence.
  • Spell Power Cure set pieces: A go-to choice for healers, this set grants allies a boost to weapon and spell damage after receiving successful healing.
  • Nibenese Court Wizard Style pages: Unleash your inner wizard with these style pages that bring the aesthetic of the Nibenese court to your own outfits.

Each of these items provides unique advantages to various playstyles, ensuring that no matter your role or strategy, the Daedric Embers Trophy Vault has something of interest for you.