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Drug Dealer Simulator 2: Review

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 (DDS2) had me intrigued. The idea of a drug dealing simulator is undeniably unique, the first game was alright and I hoped that the sequel will be much better. But it has some issues.

The core gameplay loop revolves around repetitive tasks. You buy drugs, manage stock, and meet dealers in mostly empty environments. The vast new map offers little to explore aside from long stretches of wilderness. Becoming a “drug boss” feels hollow – you’re stuck manually crafting product instead of delegating tasks.


Technical problems are there. Bugs range from minor mission markers staying put to losing entire inventories. The save system is particularly punishing, forcing you to potentially lose hours of progress. Features like car ownership, which could add depth, are limited to glorified teleportation with high fuel costs.

Despite its flaws, DDS2 has its moments. Building your drug empire can be mildly addictive, especially for those drawn to the genre. The work camp system, while basic, offers a way to automate some tasks. However, the shallowness and repetitiveness wear thin quickly.

It’s quite fun in co-op mode though, if you have a friend to play it with.

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DDS2 is a missed opportunity. The potential for a truly immersive drug lord experience is there, but the execution falls flat. While some may find enjoyment in the core gameplay loop, the unfulfilled promises, bugs, and lack of depth make it a hard sell. If the developers prioritize content, polish, and a more dynamic world, DDS2 could become something truly special. Until then, it’s a game with good ideas in desperate need of better execution.

Drug Dealer Simulator 2: I did like the gameplay at times, but it just seemed like a huge missed opportunity a lot more often. In co-op it's pretty fun. Tom Henry

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