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Egocentrism build in Risk of Rain 2

Egocentrism is a Lunar item in Risk of Rain 2, introduced in the Survivors of the Void expansion. Every 3 seconds, it generates a floating orb that orbits the holder and explodes upon contact with enemies, dealing 360% damage. Additionally, every 60 seconds, it randomly converts another item from your inventory into an additional stack of Egocentrism. This guide will help you understand how to use this powerful, but risky, item to your advantage.

What does Egocentrism do?

Before we delve into the strategies of building a loadout around Egocentrism, it is crucial to fully understand how this item works.

  • Orb Generation: Every 3 seconds (reduced by 50% per stack), Egocentrism generates an orbiting bomb that explodes on contact with enemies for 360% damage. The maximum number of bombs you can have simultaneously is 3, plus 1 for every additional stack of Egocentrism.
  • Item Conversion: Every 60 seconds, one of your items is randomly chosen and converted into another stack of Egocentrism. This mechanic makes Egocentrism a risky item, as it can consume crucial parts of your build.

Egocentrism item Build Strategies

Considering the unique nature of Egocentrism, the strategies to build around this item diverge significantly from the traditional item stack approach in Risk of Rain 2.

  • Prioritize Equipments: Since Egocentrism can eventually consume all your items, having a potent equipment is essential. Equipments with short cooldowns, such as the Gnarled Woodsprite for consistent healing, or the Royal Capacitor for long-range damage, are excellent choices.
  • Consider Survivors: The short range of the bombs and the item-consuming nature of Egocentrism makes it a challenging item for Survivors without innate mobility skills. Egocentrism shines on short-range Survivors like Mercenary and Loader, who can take advantage of its powerful orbiting bombs.
  • Use with Engineer: Engineer’s turrets inherit his Egocentrisms and thus can make excellent use of this item. TR12 Gauss Auto-Turrets can become even better at area defense, while TR58 Carbonizer Turrets become even more dangerous offensively.

Watch out for Risks

Despite its potential power, Egocentrism comes with notable risks. For instance, it’s dangerous for the Heretic to use, as losing any Heresy item would replace it with the useless Nevermore skill.


  • High Damage: The Egocentrism item can offer a significant amount of damage, especially as the stacks increase. The orb generation aspect of Egocentrism can result in a large amount of sustained AoE damage output.
  • Adaptive Playstyle: The unique mechanic of Egocentrism forces a dynamic and adaptive playstyle. As your items get converted, you have to consistently adapt and make the most out of the changing situation.


  • Unpredictable Item Conversion: Every minute, Egocentrism will convert another item in your inventory into an additional stack. This can be detrimental if it targets a crucial part of your build, as you’ll lose that item’s benefits.
  • High Risk: Egocentrism is inherently a high-risk, high-reward item. It can either make or break a run, depending on how it impacts your build.

Moreover, items with high stack numbers are not safe from being converted by Egocentrism. It can indiscriminately target any item, making it a high-risk, high-reward choice.