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Organic Fiber in Barotrauma

Diving into the intricate world of Barotrauma, you’ll encounter a myriad of crafting materials that contribute to the depth and diversity of your gameplay experience. Among these, Organic Fiber stands as a highly sought-after yet elusive resource. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Organic Fiber, exploring its origins, uses, and the adventurous process of acquiring it.

What is Organic Fiber in Barotrauma?

Organic Fiber is an integral crafting material used throughout the game of Barotrauma. This versatile substance is essential in various crafting recipes, underscoring its importance in the game’s intricate crafting system. Whether you’re manufacturing sturdy Armor to protect yourself against the underwater dangers or creating essential Medical Supplies like Bandages, Organic Fiber is a crucial ingredient you can’t afford to overlook.

The Origin of Organic Fiber: Fiber Plants

The primary source of Organic Fiber is the Fiber Plant. These unique organisms grow on the rocky walls of caves scattered throughout the depths of Europa, an ocean moon of Jupiter and the game’s primary setting.

Despite their value, Fiber Plants are infamously challenging to find. They grow sparsely on the rocky outcrops of underwater caves, hidden away in all Biomes across the underwater landscape. Adding to their elusive nature, they remain undetectable on both Sonar and Mineral Scanner, making locating them a task that requires keen observation and a touch of luck.

Yet, the search doesn’t stop at the caves. Adventurous players may also stumble upon these rare plants within the sunken Wrecks that lie dormant beneath the ocean’s surface. Searching these eerie, abandoned structures might reward you with the precious Fiber Plants.

How to get Organic Fiber in game?

Finding the source of Organic Fiber is just the beginning. To convert Fiber Plants into usable Organic Fiber, you’ll need to embark on an adventurous harvesting process. Follow these simple steps to gather your Organic Fiber:

  1. Venture outside the submarine: Equipped with your diving suit, venture out of your submarine and into the depths of Europa’s underwater caves. Keep an eye out for the distinctive purple Fiber Plants that grow on the cave walls.
  2. Gather Fiber Plants: Once you’ve located a Fiber Plant, grab it by hand — this is currently the only way to harvest them. Remember, these plants are rare and may require some dedicated exploration before you find them.
  3. Deconstruct the Fiber Plants: With your Fiber Plants in hand, return to your submarine. Here, you’ll need to use the Deconstructor. Insert your Fiber Plants one at a time into the machine, which will convert each plant into Organic Fiber. A single Fiber Plant will yield three units of Organic Fiber in just five seconds.

If you find yourself in a bind with a low supply of Organic Fiber, don’t panic. The game allows you to deconstruct certain items like Safety Harnesses, Makeshift Armor, and Seed Bags to produce additional Organic Fiber. This clever recycling method offers a helpful alternative if Fiber Plants are scarce.

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