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Squirrel Stapler Story and Ending Explained

“Squirrel Stapler” is a horror video game that pays respect to older PC hunting games. It’s a part of the Dread X Collection 2. The game’s story is about a man who kills squirrels and staples them to his dead wife’s body to make her look beautiful again.

The story involves several characters, such as the unnamed man (the main character), his wife, God (the bad guy), the squirrels, ghost squirrels, and a squirrel bear. Other characters are mentioned but never appear in the game. Let’s explore the game’s story and lore.

Day 1

The game starts with the main character waking up in his old hunting cabin. His wife’s skinless body, missing its head, hands, and feet, hangs on the wall. He thinks she looks ugly and decides to make her beautiful again by stapling squirrel bodies to hers. He starts by exploring his cabin and finding a scary message that says, “In 5 days God is coming.”

He leaves the cabin and starts hunting squirrels. Along the way, he finds pieces of a story called “The Lady” and reports about something strange happening in the woods. At the end of the day, he staples the dead squirrels to his wife’s body and goes to sleep.

Days 2-4

Each day, the man continues his eerie task of hunting squirrels and adding them to his wife’s body. The game gets darker and scarier as days pass. He faces ghost squirrels and a big squirrel bear. He finds more parts of “The Lady” story and disturbing reports that make it clear that something terrible is happening in the woods.

Day 5

On the final day, the man knows that “God is coming.” After hunting more squirrels, he finds the last part of “The Lady” story, where the characters die from eating a poisonous stew. A countdown begins, and the game becomes more intense. When the countdown ends, a monstrous creature appears, described as “God.” The game then suddenly ends, leaving the player with an uneasy feeling.

What’s the ending about?

On the last day of the game “Squirrel Stapler”, the character we play, known as the protagonist, is waiting for someone or something called “God”.

As usual, the protagonist goes out to collect more squirrels. This time, he gets two poisoned squirrels and hunts three more in the woods. He also runs into the scary squirrel ghosts and the big squirrel bear, just like before.

He then goes back to the brick building, where he finds the final part of a story called “The Lady.” In this story, an artist and an old woman eat a stew made from a half-painted woman. This ends up killing them both. This could mean that the artist was killed by his own creation, and it may suggest that the protagonist could face the same fate.

The protagonist also goes back to the bunker. There, he finds a note that says “Please disregard previous reports. Everything is quiet.” This message is strange and scary because it doesn’t match the earlier reports about weird things happening.

After the protagonist has collected all the squirrels, creepy voices start to say “God is coming” over and over again, and they get louder and louder. A countdown timer also starts. The protagonist can’t go back to his cabin while this is happening.

When the timer hits zero, the voices scream “God is here” and a scary noise gets louder and louder. Then, the game shows “God,” who looks like a huge, scary squirrel head with a brain that you can see, and weird things wrapped around it.

Suddenly, the game goes black and then takes you back to the main menu. The ending seems to suggest that the protagonist’s actions have led to his downfall. Maybe he went mad, or perhaps he died from eating poisoned squirrels. The game leaves it up to you to decide, and that’s what makes it so scary and interesting.

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