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Starfield: Best Background for Dialogue

In the video game Starfield, you can create a character and give them a special background that changes how they talk to other characters in the game. Out of all the backgrounds you can pick, being a Soldier seems to give you the most things to say. This means your space adventures will feel more real because you’ll have lots of choices for chatting with people you meet in the game.

Choose Empath trait

There’s also a special feature you can add to your character called the Empath trait. This makes your character really good at understanding others’ feelings, which opens up even more ways to talk and find out things in the game. If you combine Soldier with Empath, you could have the best time talking to everyone!

The game also lets you pick sides, or factions, and each one comes with its own ways to talk. But, these faction choices mostly change your chats based on the group you’ve joined, not so much on who your character is.

Some players found a trick to pick all the backgrounds and features at once using special game codes. This gives you every possible way to talk in the game. But if you like to keep things simple and make a character that feels like a real story, you might just stick to picking one or two things that go well together.

There are some choices like Ronin or Bounty Hunter that don’t give you many different ways to talk in the game. A lot of players wish every choice had more to say, and maybe this will happen later with updates or with help from people who make game mods.

Probably go with Soldier background for lots of dialogue options

So, if you want to pick the best background for talking in Starfield, go with Soldier and maybe add Empath. This combo should make your game filled with interesting chats as you fly through space.

Just remember that your choices can make the game feel different every time you play. Even if you pick the best talking options, Starfield is all about making your own space story. Enjoy the ride through the stars, no matter what you choose!

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