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Fabledom Early Access Review

Fabledom had me hooked for a while. It’s this adorable city builder where you start with a tiny hamlet and turn it into a fairytale superstate. Think cute little houses, happy villagers, and maybe even a grumpy cyclops causing trouble every now and then.

It all starts with a wagon full of supplies and a handful of peasants. You gotta build houses for them to live in, farms to keep them fed, and all sorts of workshops to get resources like lumber and stone. It’s like a simpler version of those games where you build giant empires, but with a fairytale twist.

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Here’s the thing, though: things can get a little slow. Building stuff takes ages, and sometimes your villagers seem to forget what they’re supposed to be doing. I swear, I watched one guy wander around for what felt like forever instead of chopping wood like I told him to!

It can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to complete challenges to unlock new stuff. Sometimes you gotta build a certain number of houses or gather a bunch of resources within a time limit, but your villagers just don’t seem to be in a hurry.

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But despite the slowness, there’s a certain charm to Fabledom. Watching your little city grow and thrive is super satisfying, and there are some really cool fairytale events that pop up. You might have to deal with a pesky gnome infestation, climb a real beanstalk (complete with a giant!), or even fight off a witch who’s turning your villagers into skeletons!

Plus, you can befriend all the rulers of the neighboring kingdoms. Some might want to be your BFF, others might want to fight you. You can even marry one and rule your kingdoms together, which is pretty cool.

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Fabledom: Overall, Fabledom is a fun and relaxing city builder, perfect for anyone who wants to unwind and build a charming fairytale kingdom. Just be prepared for some slow moments and some villagers who seem to have a mind of their own! Tom Henry

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