No Rest for the Wicked EA Review

No Rest for the Wicked EA Review

No Rest for the Wicked isn’t your typical action RPG. It throws together a bunch of great ideas from different genres and somehow makes it work, even in its early access state. However, that “early access” part is important. While the core gameplay loop is incredibly fun and the world is gorgeous, there are some rough edges that need polishing up.

Let’s start with the good stuff. The combat is precise and challenging, with a focus on timing and dodging enemy attacks. You can build your character in a ton of different ways thanks to the variety of weapons and armor, each with their own unique skills and stats. One minute I was a nimble assassin dancing around enemies with daggers that inflicted burning damage, the next I was a tanky warrior wielding a katana and shield, healing myself as I blocked blows. This flexibility kept things fresh and constantly had me tinkering with new gear combinations.

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Exploring the world is a joy. Moon Studios, the folks behind the beautiful Ori games, haven’t lost their touch. Sacra, the main hub, is a sprawling city filled with interesting characters and secrets to uncover. The environments beyond the city walls are just as impressive, from lush forests to dark, monster-infested caves. There’s always something new to find, whether it’s hidden loot, a cleverly placed shortcut, or a challenging enemy guarding a treasure chest.

The story, while currently unfinished, has me hooked. You play as a warrior tasked with battling a mysterious plague that’s turning people into twisted monsters. The characters are voiced exceptionally well, and the world itself has a real sense of melancholy beauty – a perfect backdrop for this grim tale.

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Now, for the not-so-good stuff. The biggest issue is the loot management. Your inventory fills up quickly, and there’s not a great system for sorting or organizing all your gear. It can be a pain to find what you need in the heat of battle. Additionally, some technical hiccups can be frustrating. The frame rate can chug on occasion, even on high-end PCs, and I’ve encountered a few instances where my character got stuck in the environment or fell through the world (never fun!).

The lack of multiplayer is another point to consider, especially for those who enjoy co-op experiences. While Moon Studios plans to add it eventually, it’s not available in the current build. The combat feels very much designed for solo play, so it’ll be interesting to see how they adjust the balance when co-op arrives.

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Overall, No Rest for the Wicked is a game brimming with potential. It’s a unique blend of action RPG, exploration, and character building, wrapped up in a stunning world. While the early access version has its share of issues, the core gameplay loop is fantastic, and the world itself is a joy to explore.

If you’re looking for something different from your typical RPG fare, and don’t mind dealing with a few early access bumps, then No Rest for the Wicked is definitely worth checking out. Just be prepared to wait a while for the full story and the promised co-op mode.

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