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Aquarist: Review in 2024

I just played around ten hours in Aquarist, a game that promises to turn you into a virtual aquarium master. It’s pretty good but with a few caveats. But it’s still one of the best games in this niche.

First off, the variety of fish is amazing! We’re talking everything from your classic goldfish to majestic manta rays and even curious octopuses. It’s a real treat for anyone who loves the underwater world. Plus, the customization options are pretty cool. You can design aquariums that are as simple or elaborate as you like, with tons of decorations to choose from.

Great Fun in Short Bursts

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Running your own little aquarium shop adds another layer to the gameplay. Customers come in with all sorts of requests, from basic setups to truly bizarre challenges like piranha tanks for kitchens! Completing these tasks earns you rewards, which you can use to expand your shop and stock. It’s a fun way to test your skills and unlock new aquatic friends.

The game throws in some exploration elements with “Ocean Expeditions.” These are basically underwater treasure hunts where you can find cool new fish and uncover hidden secrets. It’s a nice change of pace from the shop management and adds a touch of adventure.

Now, let’s talk about the not-so-great aspects. The controls can be clunky at times, especially when trying to place decorations or interact with specific fish in a crowded tank. It can get quite frustrating!

Another thing that throws a wrench in the relaxing vibe is the constant pressure. You have a limited amount of time each day to complete tasks, which can feel overwhelming. It’s like having a grumpy customer tapping their foot impatiently! This timer system really takes away from the enjoyment of creating beautiful aquariums.

A Quest for Patience

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The side quests, which often involve building elaborate structures, are a special kind of torture. The controls just aren’t suited for precise construction, and some tasks take way too long. Imagine spending an hour trying to build a bar out of wooden planks – not exactly the relaxing aquarium experience I signed up for!

While there’s some customization, the creative freedom feels restricted. You can’t build truly massive aquariums or go completely wild with your designs. It’s more like following a set of fish-care guidelines than unleashing your inner aquarium architect.

Final Verdict

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Aquarist has its moments of pure joy, especially when you’re admiring your vibrant creations or discovering a rare fish. However, the clunky controls, time pressure, and frustrating building mechanics really drag down the experience.

If the developers can address these issues and give players more freedom to build and explore, Aquarist could truly become a fantastic game. For now, it’s a fun little diversion for fish enthusiasts, but be prepared for some frustration along the way.

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