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Victory At Sea Atlantic Review

Alright, so I just played several hours of Victory At Sea Atlantic and here’s my short review. It’s a naval warfare game from the studio that made Victory at Sea Pacific.

Victory at Sea Atlantic throws you right into the heart of the chaotic Atlantic during World War II. You’ll be commanding fleets across a massive map, from the icy Arctic to the U-boat infested waters near Britain. It’s not just about blasting everything that moves though. You’ll need to be a strategist, managing resources, building up your territories, and even engaging in some espionage against your enemies. Think of it as chess on the high seas, with a healthy dose of resource management thrown in.


The visuals in this game are breathtaking. Huge waves crash against your ships, water splashes realistically, and nighttime battles with burning vessels feel intense. The weather system is also a real highlight, with storms playing a big role in visibility and tactics. However, the combat itself feels a bit clunky at the moment. Ships seem to have laser-like accuracy at ridiculous distances, which makes some battles feel more like a frustrating target practice than a strategic clash.

Aircraft seem to require a lot of micromanagement, which can get overwhelming quickly. I saw some friendly spotter planes just flying around aimlessly instead of doing their jobs. Hopefully, the developers will add some features to automate patrols and make managing your air force less of a headache.


Convoys, those vital supply lines, seem automated thankfully. As long as the game handles them without needing me to constantly babysit them, I’m happy.

Victory at Sea Atlantic has the potential to be a fantastic naval warfare experience. The visuals are gorgeous, the strategic elements are engaging, and the weather system adds a whole new layer of complexity. However, the clunky combat and the micromanagement of aircraft hold it back a bit.


Is it worth playing in early access? If you’re a hardcore strategy buff who loves tinkering with every detail, then maybe. But for more casual players, I’d recommend waiting a bit for the developers fix some of the bugs and improve the game a bit. It should be really great if they manage to do that.

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