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How to get all poker cards (including joker cards) in Hard West 2?

Hard West 2 all poker cards with two jokers
Hard West 2 all poker cards with two jokers

When you play throughout Hard West 2 missions you will get rewarded with poker cards: from nines to aces for all four colors of the deck. By completing all the missions you will get every card from the deck but the two mystery cards on the right panel of the screen. These are the two unique cards – jokers that can be obtained in the game of Hard West 2.

Two last cards in Hard West 2 are very easy to miss! The two cards are jokers and most players don’t even know how to get them, because they are very much optional and you can get them if you do very specific things in the game.

Black Joker card in Hard West 2

You need to be in Chapter 2 right after finishing mission in the main quest “A Plague Upon This Land” and then start the quest “Wanted: Edward Cullings”, when the quest progresses you need to pick Gin Carter character to play poker. In the dialogue choose an option “I’ll provoke him” and then “Win and provoke Edward” – then you will get a reward – first joker card for you collection.

Red Joker card in Hard West 2

At the beginning of the Chapter 3, go Devil’s Den on the map (cave), and then you will start a quest “Wanted: Abraham Burns”. You need to pick Lazarus for exorcism (he needs to have loyalty level: friend). This is actually pretty hard as having Lazarus on Friend level in this stage of the game is quite challenging to achieve.

What achievements can be unlocked in Hard West 2 by having the two joker cards?

  • Let’s Play – Collected every card in the game.
  • Not So Saint Friend Maxed out loyalty with Lazarus. – you need to have this in order to get red joker card
  • Five of a kind – only if you have a joker in your deck you can get the max five of a kind bonus in the game for character

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