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How to open the relic in Dome Keeper?

How to open the relic, this very big thing in Dome Keeper that won’t activate by itself? We got a solution.

Relic won’t open!

To gain access to the Relic in Dome Keeper, you must locate and activate all the subsequent nodes. The number of nodes you need to find and activate will vary depending on the size of the map you’re playing on. Once you’ve successfully activated all the nodes, the door to the vault will unlock, allowing you to pick up the Relic.

After you pick up the Relic, you’ll need to return to your dome. However, you should be prepared for a challenging combat encounter on the hardest difficulty level of the run. Surviving this final wave is not necessary to complete the run successfully, as simply picking up the Relic and returning it to your dome marks the end of the mission.

So, remember to find and activate all the nodes to unlock the vault, retrieve the Relic, and then return to your dome to complete the mission. Good luck!