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Inmost – story explained?

Inmost is definitely among the best games I’ve played this year so far. It’s a little indie game that has been released in 2019 on Switch and PC. The story follows different characters, you play as four of them: as a girl, old man, the hero and the knight.

What is the plot of Inmost?

The story is really tough and disturbing, here’s the only one video on Youtube I could find that explains the plot and ending of Inmost in a great detail.

Here’s also a great thread on Reddit where several users discuss their take on the story of Inmost game. User TigerTedd has some excellent points about the plot of the game and yet there are unanswered questions about Inmost.

Inmost is a game that has multiple plot twists throughout the story. The game has a non-linear storyline, where the players will experience different character’s perspective in different times. One of the major plot twists in the game is that the three characters are all connected, and their stories are all happening simultaneously in the same place. The knight is trying to save his land from a mysterious force that is connected to the girl’s captivity, and the creature’s prison. Another plot twist is that the girl’s captivity is not what it seems and there is a deeper meaning behind it. The game also has several other smaller plot twists that are revealed as players progress through the story.

The meaning of flowers in the game is quite certain (they’re children, they can only blossom through love), but what about cartographer for instance? Maybe we can discuss the game in the comments below.

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  • A very sad game that will reach the heart of the most sensitive.

    INMOST is one of those games that are underestimated for its simple graphics and short length, but then become unforgettable for its narrative depth and impactful story.

    It is a 2D platform game focused on puzzles. They are not very difficult and the game will take about 3 hours to complete. It is an ideal game to spend in an afternoon.

    About the story, I will just say that at first it may seem difficult to understand, but it is actually very easy when you get to the end. It is a game with a synopsis of a fantasy world that leaves you clues about reality and in the end you end up understanding everything.

    And it’s worth playing to the end. It leaves you with a very nice message about the loss and suffering that the most unfortunate suffer, but…