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Kona, developed by Parabola and published by Ravenscourt, is a first-person adventure and survival game. The chilling backdrop of Northern Quebec in the 1970s sets the scene for a narrative that pulls the player into an unsettling blend of mystery, supernatural occurrences, and stark reality.

Unfolding the Narrative Tapestry of Kona

In Kona, you step into the shoes of Carl Faubert, a war veteran turned private investigator, who is called to investigate a case of vandalism. His client, W. Hamilton, a wealthy copper magnate, is highly unpopular with the local community due to his ruthless industrial exploitation of both the land and its people.

The expected straightforward investigation takes a grim turn when Carl arrives at the desolate town of Atamipek Lake. He is met by an unrelenting blizzard, abandoned homes, and an ominous sense of foreboding. Trapped in the area by the storm, Carl’s assignment quickly turns into a survival mission and a quest to decipher the town’s eerie mysteries.

As Carl delves deeper into his investigation, he discovers Hamilton dead in his store, turning his simple vandalism investigation into a murder case. The narrative further thickens with the revelation of a tragic hunting accident, where Hamilton accidentally killed a woman. She was intended to be laid to rest in the wilderness, a quiet resolution to a regrettable incident. But, the doctor seeking revenge for the lady’s death decides to take matters into his own hands, resulting in Hamilton’s murder.

The Supernatural Twists in Kona

Intertwined with the murder mystery is the spiritual folklore of the Cree, introduced through the Wendigo, a malevolent spirit known to curse those who disrespect nature and its sacred sites. Four individuals are found frozen across the map, victims of the Wendigo’s wrath. Upon touching these frozen bodies, Carl experiences visions that guide him further into the narrative.

Hamilton’s disrespect for the sacred Cree site in his quest for industrial expansion had led to the Wendigo’s summoning by a Cree man named Kanatak. The violent blizzard battering the town is revealed as a manifestation of the Wendigo’s anger, with the townspeople encased in ice as direct retaliation.

Carl learns of a local who had been tracking the Wendigo and managed to wound it with a bolt, an essential piece of information that aids his survival. In the climactic confrontation with the Wendigo, Carl successfully escapes the town by boat. As the game concludes, another boat discovers Carl, and a voice exclaims, “A man survived!” The game ends on this note, leaving Carl’s ultimate fate and that of the town open-ended.


Kona is not just a survival game, but an immersive narrative journey that blends real-world historical elements with supernatural folklore. It encapsulates an exploration of human nature, greed, colonialism, and the untamed power of nature. The unique narrative depth, coupled with its immersive gameplay, marks Kona as a remarkable game that leaves a lasting impact on its players.

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