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The best nature themed gaming setups

Our homes are increasingly filled with electronic devices, often starkly contrasting the serenity of nature. This divide can be particularly noticeable in the realm of gaming. However, there’s an emerging trend aiming to bridge this gap: nature-inspired gaming setups. These setups provide a breath of fresh air, embracing an eco-friendly aesthetic while ensuring high-performance gaming experiences. Below are a couple hand-picked by me of these remarkable nature-themed gaming setups, providing an inspiring intersection between technology and the organic world.

Aesthetic Green Gaming Room Setup

This setup by Instagrammer @sleepily_gaming brings a natural touch to your gaming room by mixing faux vines with fairy string lights, creating a balance with the cold combo of PC gear and furniture. The room features a Mario mushroom pillow, adding a touch of whimsy to the space​. Link.


Warm Wood Minimalist Desk Setup

This setup by @themagitech uses warm lighting and a wood-finished desk to create a cozy atmosphere. The room is adorned with plants for an earthy feel, and the space-themed wallpaper adds a unique touch​. Link.


Plant-Based Gaming Setup: This gaming setup from @mylifewithgames_ resembles the great outdoors with its greenery and botanical wallpaper. Green keycaps and matching internals add to the theme and make this setup truly unique​. Link.


Lush bush nature standing desk setup

This person likes nature and tech a lot. So when they had to build their gaming and work area, they tried to mix both. They wanted to start with a simple design. But they realized that wouldn’t work with the amount of work they had to do and the sound system they were setting up. So they decided to make a nature theme. They like nature and have pets. So they decided to mount the PC to a spot in their room, put a few tanks around, and add fake plants.

They wanted to make a sound system that would play music well and give a full surround sound for games and movies. They were able to hide the back speakers in the shelves for a clean look. The room was designed to have as few flat surfaces as possible to stop sound waves while still looking clean.


Nature-Inspired Gaming Room With an Earthy Palette: This room utilizes earthy colors and an abundance of plants to create a peaceful vibe. A wooden desktop, bamboo monitor riser, and wooden speaker stands form the basis of the room. Various potted plants, including artificial ones, provide a splash of green, and a wooden keyboard rest adds the finishing touch​. Link.

earthy setup

Minimalist Green Nature PC Setup


Forest themed setup


How do you make an aesthetic nature themed gaming setup?

Creating an aesthetic nature-themed gaming setup requires a mix of creativity, a touch of tech, and a passion for the great outdoors. Here’s how you can create your own nature-themed gaming sanctuary.

1. Choose a Nature-Themed Color Palette: Begin with the color palette. Colors derived from nature like greens, browns, blues and greys can be your primary colors. From there, you can add accent colors such as yellows or pinks to mimic flowers or sunsets.

2. Incorporate Natural Materials: Use furniture made from natural materials such as wood or bamboo. A wooden desk or a chair with woven elements can enhance the nature-inspired look.

3. Use Nature-Inspired Decorations: To complement your setup, add nature-themed decorations. This can be anything from potted plants to art prints of landscapes, or even terrariums.

4. Add a touch of Greenery: Introduce indoor plants into your gaming space. They not only add a natural touch but also improve air quality. Succulents or snake plants are good choices as they are low-maintenance and durable.

5. Choose nature-themed Tech Accessories: Look for tech accessories that complement your theme. This could include a mouse pad with a forest print, a keyboard in earth tones, or even a custom skin for your console or PC tower.

6. Lighting: Use lighting to create a relaxed, natural ambiance. LED strip lights that mimic the sunrise or sunset can be an excellent addition. You can also use desk lamps made from natural materials or those that mimic outdoor elements like a lamp that looks like a rock or tree.

7. Sound: Consider adding nature sounds for a full sensory experience. There are many sound machines or apps available that offer sounds like running water, forest noises, or bird calls.

8. Natural Textiles: Add in natural textures and fabrics where you can. A jute or seagrass rug, linen curtains, or a wool throw can add an extra touch of nature to your space.

9. Wallpaper or Paint: Consider adding a wall feature with nature-themed wallpaper or a mural. If that’s too much, even a wall painted in a nature-inspired color can set the tone for your gaming area.

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