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New Only Up! Game is now on Steam

Disclaimer: This review is based on the current state of the game and may not reflect future updates or improvements.

New Only Up! attempts to capture the exhilarating gameplay of its predecessor that was removed from Steam by developer’s request but falters due to a myriad of technical issues. Developed by a different studio, the game falls short of its potential, with clunky controls, frequent crashes, and lackluster graphics. Though the concept shows promise, the execution leaves much to be desired. Let’s delve into the details of this game and uncover both its strengths and weaknesses.

Graphics and Art Design

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Only Up! suffers from subpar graphics quality, featuring lackluster textures and low detail. The environments lack visual variety and fail to immerse players in a captivating world. Objects and obstacles often appear hastily designed, lacking the polish expected in a modern game. The lack of graphical customization options and limited settings further dampen the experience.

Controls and Gameplay

The controls in Only Up! are one of its weakest aspects. They feel unresponsive and delayed, hindering players’ ability to navigate with precision. The delay can make even simple actions frustrating and often lead to unnecessary deaths. The absence of key binding customization further restricts players from tailoring the controls to their preferences.

The core gameplay concept of ascending platforms to avoid falling is enjoyable, but it quickly loses its luster due to the game’s technical shortcomings. The game lacks variety in levels, leading to repetitive gameplay that fails to hold the player’s interest for long. There is a missed opportunity to introduce innovative mechanics or power-ups to spice up the experience.

Performance and Stability

Only Up! suffers from frequent crashes and instability issues, both during gameplay and when trying to join multiplayer lobbies. Players might find themselves frustrated with sudden crashes, leading to lost progress or disrupted multiplayer sessions. With further optimization and stability updates, these issues can potentially be resolved.

Progression and Rewards

One of the significant drawbacks of Only Up! is its flawed reward system. Dying grants players random gold, diminishing any sense of accomplishment for successfully passing levels. This encourages players to intentionally fail quickly, sabotaging the potential for meaningful progression. Implementing a more structured reward system tied to level completion or milestones would greatly enhance the game’s appeal.

Multiplayer Experience

Only Up! offers online multiplayer functionality, allowing players to compete or cooperate in ascending the levels together. The original had only singleplayer mode. Unfortunately, the multiplayer experience is marred by frequent crashes and the aforementioned technical difficulties. Despite the potential for enjoyable cooperative play, the unreliable nature of the multiplayer currently limits its appeal.


Only Up! had the potential to be a compelling successor to its predecessor but falls short due to numerous technical flaws and lackluster execution. The game’s clunky controls, frequent crashes, and underwhelming graphics detract from its innovative concept. While the core gameplay remains enjoyable, the lack of variety and poorly implemented reward system diminish the overall experience. With substantial updates addressing these issues, Only Up! could potentially shine in the future. Until then, it’s difficult to recommend this game in its current state.