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Party Animals All Game Modes and Maps



Default teams of two, can also be changed to free-for-all or teams of four, aim to be the last one standing in these brawl-focused matches.


  • Ichiban 
    • Engage in a fight on a flat arena surrounded by a creeping green fog. As the battle progresses, this fog rises onto the stage and drains health from anyone within it.
  • Typhoon
    • Battle atop a nuclear submarine that periodically launches missiles, creating powerful shockwaves. Over time, the submarine begins to sink, necessitating a climb to higher ground for survival.
  • Broken Arrow
    • Struggle on a fighter jet that tilts and sways, with strong winds adding to the challenge. As time passes, the plane’s surface becomes icy and slippery.
  • Winter Is Coming
    • Fight beside the bonfires of a snowy village. In the midst of a snowstorm, maintain proximity to the fire to prevent freezing. As time passes, the fires one by one die out.
  • Wind Tunnel
    • Battle within a wind tunnel where occasional gusts can blow players away. Players can raise three wind shields by pulling levers within the arena. However, these levers will gradually break with increased use.
  • Black Hole Lab
    • Fight within a lab where black holes are generated. During these events, hold onto heavy objects to resist being sucked in. Over time, the black holes’ gravitational pull increases.
  • Beat-Up Bridge
    • Battle on a deteriorating suspension bridge. The ropes can be broken, and they will also gradually snap on their own over time.
  • Gator Valley
    • Fight on a decrepit log bridge beside a waterfall at the edge of a massive alligator-shaped valley. Occasional large waves can push the log bridge towards the cliff.
  • Ice Breaker
    • Engage in combat on a floating ice sheet. Falling into the water for too long turns players into an ice block. Over time, the ice sheet cracks into smaller pieces.


Teams of 4 players compete against each other to complete the objective.


  • Lollipop Factory
    • Fight in a candy factory, scrambling for large gummy bears and small candies. Win by bringing candies back to your base and prevent the opponent from scoring.
  • Fluffy Redemption
    • Two teams on parallel trains throw coal into their train’s furnace to speed up, or pull the handbrake on the opponent’s train to halt their progress.
  • Into the Game
    • Score points in an arcade by playing a coin-eating game or fight against opponents who are playing the game.
  • Safely Afloat
    • Compete for safes hung from floating balloons, score by pulling them back to your base.
  • Trebuchet
    • Score by launching bombs with a trebuchet to the opponent’s side. Prevent scoring by throwing incoming bombs into the water, or create chaos by launching yourself to the opponent’s side.
  • Buzz Ball
    • A basketball-like game where you score by throwing an electric ball into the opponent’s goal. If too many players hold the ball, it explodes.
  • Beast Hockey
    • A hockey-like game where you use your fists and feet, and the puck is bigger than your character.
  • Beast Football
    • An American football-like game where hitting opponents is allowed.
  • Beast Soccer
    • A soccer-like game with an unusually large ball, and you’re allowed to use your punches.


Teams of 4 players each start with 10 lives. The team that manages to preserve at least one life while the opposing team loses all theirs is declared the winner.


  • Winter Cabin
    • Engage in a brawl within a winter milk bar. Drinking expired milk grants super strength but may cause dizziness. Staying outside too long will freeze you.
  • Final Destination
    • Fight in an abandoned subway station, but be careful not to fall onto the tracks.