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Warhaven Beginners Guide: Tips to Become Immortal

Warhaven is a new free-to-play multiplayer game where you battle it out in epic arenas. If you’re new to the game, fear not! This beginners guide will provide you with valuable tips to help you become immortal in the world of Warhaven.

Play the Advanced Trainings

One of the first things you should do is complete the Advanced Trainings. These tutorials are quick, and they offer a variety of benefits, including a free skin and valuable insights into the nuances of each class. Pay special attention to character abilities like Spike’s unstoppable impale and parry into guard-break, Hush’s sandstorm and focus gauge, Smoke’s decoy, smoke wall, and airdash, as well as the transformations available to each character.

Domination Maps: Teamwork is key!

In Domination maps, it’s crucial to coordinate with your teammates and decide on a single point to attack. This strategy ensures that you start accumulating percentage points towards victory as soon as possible. Splitting into multiple teams going for different points can leave you vulnerable to an enemy zerg attack. By zerging as a unified team, you secure the opportunity to capture a point before engaging in an intense battle with the opposing team.

Team Deathmatch: again, teamwork

In Team Deathmatch, the team that sticks together and supports each other usually comes out on top. Resurrecting a fallen teammate not only brings them back to the fight but also replenishes your team’s life pool, giving you a significant advantage.

Swift Pursuit

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To chase down fleeing enemies, keep your reticle focused on them. This increases your sprint speed and allows you to close the distance quickly. Additionally, certain characters can employ jump attacks to maintain momentum and increase the chances of successfully catching up to an enemy.

Unmasking Smoke

When chasing down Smoke, pay attention to her movements. If she turns towards you, prepare to block, as she might be attempting to blast you away. Blocking the incoming attack can disrupt her plans and give you an opening.

Decoy Deception

Smoke’s smoke decoy can be a game-changer. Before Smoke teleports to the decoy, try to eliminate it to deny her team the significant healing it provides. Keep in mind that there is a Perk that makes the decoy exceptionally resilient, which future Smokes might unlock.

Scarecrow’s Secret Utility

Consider using your Scarecrow decoy for one Relic stone if you don’t intend to use it for Ice/Fire/Respawn relics. Not only does it help occupy capture points, but your squadmates can also spawn on it as if it were a squad member. In tight spaces, the Scarecrow can even block enemy movement, proving advantageous in certain situations.

Block Cannon Shots

Don’t forget that you can block cannon shots, preventing them from one-shotting you. Utilize this defensive technique to increase your chances of survival.

Spacing and Positioning in Fighting

Since there are no anti-gank mechanics in Warhaven, it is crucial to master spacing and positioning in 1vX fights. Isolating a 1v1 encounter by finding the right angle can provide an opportunity to survive and eliminate foes. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to disengage from unfavorable fights, as retreat can often be the best choice.

Transform Strategically

Use your transformation wisely. It’s essential to save it for a significant moment when enemies are grouped together, rather than wasting it on a 1v1 encounter. Hoet, for instance, excels on maps like Sihan, where there is only one capture point. Use your transformation to maximize impact during critical situations.

Transformations and Resurrections

If you die while transformed and later get resurrected, know that you will continue in the same transformation state as before your death. This continuity allows you to make the most of your transformation and maintain your advantage.

Use Dash Mechanic

Certain characters like Blade and Spike possess the ability to dash backward. By looking to the side and then dashing, you can swiftly retreat from danger. The reverse technique—dash forward by looking sideways—is equally useful for quickly engaging enemies.

Mastering 1v1 Battles

Understanding the hit priority in 1v1 encounters is vital. Against a character like Spike, for example, staying close and moving along the side can make it harder for them to land their attacks. When positioned correctly, you’ll find opportunities to strike back during their attack animations.

Unleash Unstoppable Attacks and Trauma Immunity

Learn which moves and Perks grant you Unstoppable status or turn all damage into Trauma. Unstoppable attacks can reliably finish off low-health enemies without interruption. Meanwhile, turning all damage into Trauma allows you to momentarily become invulnerable, granting you the chance to reposition or make a swift getaway. These mechanics often determine victory or survival in critical duels that go beyond basic melee strikes.

Level Up Your Favorite Characters

In the Barracks menu, you have the opportunity to level up your favorite characters. Choose the heroes you enjoy playing as most and earn rewards with each level. These rewards often include perks that grant your character enhanced abilities, such as increased sprint speed.

Don’t Just Focus on Kills

Remember that your player score at the end of each game is not solely based on your kill count. Playing as a healer and making substantial heals can contribute to a high player score too. Focus on contributing to the team’s success through different roles and strategies.

By following these tips and investing time in learning each character’s moves and abilities, you’ll soon find yourself becoming an immortal force to be reckoned with