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Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” in Rocket League

Rocket League has always been known for its unique blend of fast-paced action and fun in-game content. As a part of its tradition of engaging players with entertaining surprises, the game developers introduced a special April Fools’ Day treat in the in-game store – the “Never Gonna Give You Up” Player Anthem. For a limited time, players could grab this nostalgic anthem for 300 credits, adding a touch of humor and charm to their matches.

The Arrival of “Never Gonna Give You Up” Player Anthem in Rocket League

The famous 1987 hit song by Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” became synonymous with the internet phenomenon known as “Rickrolling,” where users would be tricked into clicking a link that led to the music video of the song. With the widespread popularity of the meme, the song has become a cultural touchstone for many.

In keeping with the light-hearted spirit of April Fools’ Day, Rocket League developers decided to bring this nostalgic hit to the game by offering it as a Player Anthem in the in-game store. Players could purchase the anthem for 300 credits and equip it to their profile, playing the catchy tune whenever they scored a goal during a match.

Community Reaction to Rick Astley song

The addition of the “Never Gonna Give You Up” Player Anthem was met with enthusiasm and amusement by the Rocket League community. Players appreciated the humor and the opportunity to “Rickroll” their opponents in-game, adding an extra layer of fun to the competitive gameplay.

Many players eagerly grabbed the anthem from the in-game store, sharing their experiences and reactions on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit. Some players even organized “Rickroll” tournaments, where everyone equipped the anthem and enjoyed a full day of nostalgia and laughter.

The Legacy of the April Fools’ Day Surprise

The “Never Gonna Give You Up” Player Anthem proved to be a hit among Rocket League players, showcasing the game’s commitment to providing entertaining content and fostering a vibrant community. The success of this April Fools’ Day surprise may pave the way for more such amusing additions to the game in the future. On that full day Psyonix also added quick chat texts with lyrics from the song.

As the anthem was available for a limited time, players who managed to grab it during the promotion now have a unique in-game item that not only brings back fond memories of internet culture but also adds a dash of humor to their matches.

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