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ServiceIT: You Can Do IT – Early Access Review

I’ve played a bunch of those job simulator games from PlayWay. From waitressing to building houses, I’ve virtually done it all. So, when I saw ServiceIT: You Can Do IT, I figured it’d be more of the same. But I was somewhat wrong. Sure, the basic loop of taking jobs, fixing computers, and making money is familiar, but this one throws in a hacker and some surprisingly dark twists that make it way more interesting.

Getting started was a bit… odd. My AI helper, Evelink, has this voice that sounds like a text-to-speech program on helium. Not exactly confidence-inspiring, but hey, at least they explained the ropes. Apparently, there’s this hacker who wants to shut down my IT business, which adds a whole new layer of stress to troubleshooting software issues and cleaning dusty keyboards.

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The good news is that the actual work feels pretty realistic. You’re not messing with some janky, simplified computer system. Sure, they streamline some things like coding, but diagnosing problems and swapping out parts feels like the real deal. It even made me look at my own computer with suspicion – maybe it could use a once-over? The only unrealistic part? Apparently, you can just copy and paste stuff between your phone and the computers you’re working on. That would be a dream come true in real life!

As your business grows, you ditch the dingy basement and move into a proper shop. The best part? You can decorate it however you like! Wanna go minimalist? Sure! Feeling gaudy? You do you! This might seem like a small thing, but it adds a nice touch of personality to the game.

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Now, here’s the part that really surprised me. Remember that hacker I mentioned? They don’t just mess with your systems – they straight-up look like they’re out of a creepypasta story, complete with a Guy Fawkes mask. Let me tell you, that first encounter gave me a jump scare! ServiceIT started out feeling like a chill repair simulator, and now it’s got this whole mystery angle going on. I’m genuinely curious to see where it goes.

So, Should You Get ServiceIT: You Can Do IT?

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Here’s the deal: If you’re into the idea of tinkering with computers and solving tech problems, then this game is definitely worth checking out, especially since it’s still in Early Access on Steam. There are some bugs to iron out for sure, and the number of missions seems a bit limited right now. But the core gameplay loop is fun, and the whole hacker subplot adds a layer of intrigue you wouldn’t expect from a game about IT work.

Just be prepared for Evelink’s voice and the occasional jump scare from a hacker with questionable fashion sense.

Here’s a rundown of the coolest features

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  • Fixing all sorts of stuff: From network cards to air conditioners, you’ll get your hands dirty repairing a wide variety of electronics. Plus, they’re planning to add even more in the future, like retro consoles and some seriously high-tech gadgets.
  • Taking a peek behind the network curtain: Think you can crack passwords and sneak into local networks? This game lets you do just that!
  • Mastering the terminal: Get your geek on by managing files, recovering data, and even cracking passwords from the command line.
  • Building and cleaning PCs: Ever wanted to see the inside of a computer? You can put your virtual screwdriver to work assembling parts and blasting dust bunnies with compressed air.
  • A surprisingly dark story: Don’t let the IT theme fool you. There’s a hacker out there with a grudge, and it’s up to you to uncover their plan.

All in all, ServiceIT: You Can Do IT is a surprisingly deep and engaging simulator with a unique twist. Whether you’re a tech wiz or just curious about the inner workings of computers, this game offers a fun and informative experience. Just remember, if a creepy hacker with a mask shows up on your screen, don’t blame me!

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