WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024: Review

To be honest, I was getting disillusioned with the stale direction of Football Manager (FM). The focus seemed to be solely on tactics and transfers, neglecting aspects like stadium building, finances, and a user-friendly interface. We Are Football 2024 (WAF2024) brings back that old-school charm, offering a more comprehensive and engaging management experience. But it’s not perfect and has issues.

We Are Football 2024 lets you truly own your club. You’re not just picking lineups – you’re building your dream stadium, managing finances, and overseeing training grounds. The interface is miles ahead of FM’s spreadsheet-like setup, making it a pleasure to navigate. Negotiations, training sessions, and even team talks are more intuitive and enjoyable. Notably, WAF2024 allows you to create pre-defined plays, something FM has surprisingly neglected.

WAF24 EN Simulaton Team Selection 1920x1080

While WAF2024 is great in many areas, it still has room to improve. A lot. Player data could be more comprehensive, with a single screen showing overall team performance instead of individual ones. Player fitness seems wonky, with some inexplicably exhausted despite minimal play. The match engine needs work too, with occasional unbalanced results and questionable animations. The lack of real names and currently non-functional mods are minor drawbacks.

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Despite these shortcomings, WAF2024 offers a delightful alternative to FM. It strikes a perfect balance between casual gameplay and in-depth management, evident in the love and care poured into its development. You can see players improve after games, conversations with them feel meaningful, and there’s a genuine sense of enjoyment, not just chasing profit. WAF2024 addresses many issues FM has ignored for years.

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I’m excited about the future of WAF2024, knowing the developers actively improve the game based on user feedback. They’re clearly passionate about football management, listen to their community, and represent the future of this genre. If you’re yearning for a refreshing take on football management, give WAF2024 a shot! It’s a fantastic alternative to FM, offering a more well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Quick comparison of We Are Football 2024 and Football Manager:

WAF24 EN Cup Results 1920x1080

Pros (WAF2024):

  • Cheaper (especially with the editor included)
  • Stadium management
  • More intuitive gameplay mechanics (negotiations, training, etc.)
  • Customizable players (names, pictures)
  • Pleasing UI and music
  • Predictable (yet satisfying) match results
  • Multiple manager profiles

Cons (WAF2024):

  • Inferior match graphics and animations
  • Limited team/league database (no official licenses)
  • Editor has scaling issues


  • Different workflow compared to FM
  • Character level system instead of detailed player stats
  • Some comical elements (might not be for everyone)

Final Verdict

WAF24 EN Match Crewe Liverpool 3 1920x1080

WAF2024 isn’t perfect, but it offers a compelling alternative to FM. The engaging gameplay, in-depth management options, and user-friendly interface make it a winner. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air in the football management world, WAF2024 is definitely worth checking out!

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