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Locating the Cultist – Shipwreck North of Thera (AC Odyssey)

Finding the location of the cultist known as Mytilenean Shark, part of the Gods of the Aegean Sea cult branch, can be a bit challenging. The key clue suggests that the cultist’s ship met its end somewhere north of Thera.

To pinpoint the shipwreck’s exact location, refer to the map below. It’s situated northeast of the northernmost point of Thera.

Exact location of Shipwreck North of Thera

Exact location of Shipwreck North of Thera

The submerged site you’re seeking is referred to as the Palace of Amphitrite. Keep an eye out for distinctive structures in the sea.

Dive beneath the waves and navigate toward a substantial underwater structure. As you approach, be prepared to encounter a few sharks—dispatch them, using arrows from above if you prefer ranged attacks. The Ghost of Artemis skill, with its extended range, can be particularly effective.

Once the sharks are dealt with, explore near the structure for a hollow tree bark large enough to swim inside. Look out for a notification indicating the proximity of the cultist clue. Keep in mind that you may need to dive in and out due to limited breath.

Upon obtaining the clue, you’ll receive precise information about the cultist’s location. Head south of Samos, where you’ll find the cultist on a ship. Prepare for the confrontation!