Ion Fury: Aftershock – The Ultimate Guide

Ion Fury Aftershock is the highly anticipated expansion to the popular first-person shooter game Ion Fury. Developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms, it takes the exhilarating action and retro charm of the original game to new heights. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Ion Fury Aftershock, exploring its new features, gameplay mechanics, and providing tips and tricks to help you navigate the game successfully.

Getting Started

Before diving into the exciting new expansion, it’s important to ensure that your game settings and key bindings are to your liking. It is recommended to select OPENGL as the video option for the best performance and visuals. Please note that the old CLASSIC renderer is not supported. Once you have adjusted your settings, you can start a new game.

The Campaigns

Ion Fury Aftershock expansion offers two new campaigns: “Aftershock” and “Arrange Mode.” “Aftershock” is the new expansion campaign and the focus of this guide and “Arrange Mode” is a new variant of the original Ion Fury campaign (Captal Offense) with new enemies etc.

It’s worth noting that for your first playthrough, sticking to the first three skills (difficulty levels) is highly recommended. The fourth skill requires prior knowledge of secrets and level layouts, while the fifth skill is designed to be extremely challenging.

Ion Fury Aftershock Levels

Ion Fury Aftershock expansion has 15 levels and it can be completed within 3.5 to 4 hours on average according to players on Steam Community Forums and HLTB. Here’s a list of all Ion Fury Aftershock levels:

  • Wasted Potential
  • Urbal Removal
  • Five Finger Discount
  • Ride It Like You Stole It
  • Suburbia Under Siege
  • Costive Canal
  • Marina Massace
  • Wipeout
  • Not from These Parts,
  • Rotten Underbelly
  • The Dishonorable
  • Warm Reception
  • Like A B*tch In Heat
  • Eruption Disruption

Cheats and Commands

While we hope that cheats and commands won’t be necessary, sometimes you may encounter issues or want to experiment. To access the console, press SHIFT + CONSOLEBUTTON. Here are a few useful commands:

  • god: Enables god mode, preventing you from dying.
  • noclip: Allows you to pass through walls.
  • give all: Grants all items, ammo, and keys.
  • spawn X: Spawns a specific actor or enemy. For example, “spawn I_GOLDEN_GUN” will spawn the golden gun.
  • map X: Loads a specific map.
  • setvar X: Allows manipulation of in-game variables. For example, “setvar timer” sets the timer to 120 for normal speed or 60 for half speed.

Please keep in mind that cheats and commands are intended for experimentation and fun rather than regular gameplay.

These known bugs and quirks are being actively worked on, but it’s important to be aware of them while playing the game.

Photo Mode

Ion Fury Aftershock introduces a new and exciting feature: Photo Mode. Whether you want to capture stunning screenshots or simply explore the maps from a different perspective, Photo Mode has you covered.

To activate Photo Mode, press the key while in-game. This will open the DEBUG mode menu. Press [9] to enter Photo Mode. Time will slow down, enemy AI will pause, and all HUD elements will be hidden. You can use the number keys (0-9) to activate different functions within Photo Mode:

  1. Hud: Toggle the display of health and ammunition.
  2. Weapon: Choose a weapon to display in the screenshot.
  3. Crosshair: Toggle the display of the crosshair.
  4. Awake AI: Resume enemy AI logic.
  5. Aware AI: Allow enemies to see and “attack” you without taking damage.
  6. Gravity: Enable normal movement instead of flying.
  7. Normal speed: Toggle slow-motion.
  8. Shooting: Enable shooting.
  9. Show debug: Open the debug menu for additional options (dating back to 2015).
  10. Hide this overlay: Hide the top text overlay. Press [0] again to show it.

Please note that in release builds, the DEBUG mode will not be accessible by pressing as it will directly activate Photo Mode.

Key Features

Ion Fury Aftershock introduces a range of exciting new features and enhancements to the base game. Let’s explore some of the key additions:

Sloped Sprites

One of the standout features is the introduction of sloped sprites. Thanks to clever recycling of floor/ceiling sloping code, sprites in the game can now slope, adding a new level of visual complexity. Whether it’s lasers, bullet trails, enemies, sparks, or various objects, everything looks more dynamic and visually stunning.

Inventory Pocket System

The inventory pocket system, originally introduced in version 2.0, has been refined in Ion Fury Aftershock. It now allows you to hold two power-up items at a time and switch between them strategically. This adds a new layer of gameplay depth, as you can now use items strategically for combat or to reach new areas.


Responding to player feedback, the developers have added a range of new power-ups in Ion Fury Aftershock to enhance your arsenal and abilities. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Golden Gun: Activating the Golden Gun power-up turns your current weapons into supercharged killing machines.
  • Parasite: The Parasite power-up allows you to deal damage to enemies while simultaneously gaining health.
  • Energy Drink: While the Energy Drink power-up is active, time slows down, giving you an advantage in combat situations.
  • Boom Bag: The Boom Bag power-up provides a ludicrous amount of ammunition for all your weapons, ensuring you never run out in the heat of battle.
  • NuvaChair: The inflatable NuvaChair is a unique power-up that offers temporary protection. Be careful not to let it get shot!
  • Flametrap: The Flametrap power-up opens a flame vortex that draws in and damages your enemies.
  • Invulnerability: The Invulnerability power-up grants infinite ammo, health, and a protective helmet, allowing you to unleash your fury on your foes without fear.

With these new power-ups at your disposal, you’ll have more ways to wreak havoc and overcome your enemies in Ion Fury Aftershock.

Expanded Weapon Arsenal

Ion Fury Aftershock takes the weapon selection to a new level of craziness. Alongside the classics, the expansion introduces three exciting new weapons:

  • Homewrecker: The homewrecker is a devastating plasma weapon that fires multishot drunken missiles. With homing capabilities, it is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Pellets: The Pellets weapon brings explosive ammunition to the shotgun, combining the power of a shotgun with the explosive radius of a grenade launcher.
  • Gas Grenade: The Gas Grenade allows you to spread toxic gas, which is highly effective against flesh. Use it strategically to take down enemies and control the battlefield.

In addition to these new weapons, the SMG has been reworked to provide highly flammable rounds, giving it even more firepower and versatility.

New Enemies

With more firepower comes the need for greater challenges. Ion Fury Aftershock introduces several new enemies to test your skills and reflexes. Here’s an overview of some of the new foes you’ll encounter:

  • Elite Cultist: Indigo-colored cultists armed with highly flammable rounds that can set you ablaze.
  • Greater Great: White-robed Greater Cultists with deadlier plasma bolts, requiring precise aim and quick reflexes.
  • Lavapede: Centipede-like creatures that dwell in lava and pose a serious threat to your survival.
  • Suicide Sects: Mechanized insects with explosive suicidal tendencies. Approach with caution and prepare for their explosive finale.
  • Bomb Drones: Flying drones that drop mines, causing explosive mayhem. Keep an eye on the skies and take them down before they harm you.
  • GDF Light: Basic GDF troopers that are highly agile and skilled in combat.
  • GDF Heavy: Premium GDF troopers armed with a minigun and capable of dealing a substantial amount of damage.
  • Laser Bot: Security bots similar to those seen in the movie “Chopping Mall,” capable of lethal laser attacks.
  • Monitors: Flying security bots that enforce the law. Avoid their wrath and find a way to disable them.

These new enemies, alongside minor tweaks to existing enemies, add a fresh layer of challenge and intensity to Ion Fury Aftershock.

Arrange Mode

For players seeking an additional challenge, Ion Fury Aftershock includes an Arrange mode. This mode remixes the original campaign, providing a harder difficulty with more intense enemies and earlier access to powerful weaponry. All maps in Arrange mode have been mirrored and hand-tweaked to offer new level progressions and beat changes. While you can play Ion Fury Aftershock as a fresh experience, Arrange mode is designed to be a tougher challenge for seasoned players, featuring nods to the main campaign to keep you engaged.

The Bike

During the first act of Ion Fury Aftershock, you’ll have the opportunity to commandeer a hovering quadcopter bike. Armed with the unstoppable Homewrecker weapon, unlimited ammo, and precise controls, the bike provides a thrilling and fast-paced vehicular experience. Brace yourself for high-speed battles and adrenaline-pumping action.

And More…

In addition to the key features highlighted above, Ion Fury Aftershock includes numerous improvements and refinements based on feedback from players. These updates include:

  • Many New Map Effects: Enjoy a range of new visual effects that enhance the atmosphere and immersion.
  • Slick Interpolated HUD Weapons: The HUD weapons now feature smooth animations that run at the game’s full frame rate, making them look more fluid and responsive.
  • Loads of Bug Fixes: The development team has been hard at work fixing various bugs and issues to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  • Gameplay Visual Improvements: With the introduction of sloped sprites, bullet trails and other gameplay visuals have been improved, adding to the overall visual fidelity.
  • Major Room Over Room Handling Improvements: The game’s engine now handles complex room over room situations more efficiently, allowing for even more intricate and immersive level designs.
  • New 5th Skill Level: For the bravest and most skilled players, a new skill level has been introduced that includes respawns and is designed to truly test your mettle.

With these enhancements and refinements, Ion Fury Aftershock offers an even more polished and exhilarating experience.

Ion Fury Aftershock campaign gameplay


Ion Fury Aftershock is an impressive expansion to an already beloved game. With its new features, challenging enemies, expanded arsenal, and Arrange mode, it offers countless hours of intense and nostalgic gameplay. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or a newcomer to the world of Ion Fury, the Aftershock expansion is sure to impress. So grab your weapons, brace yourself for action, and dive into the neon-lit streets of an alternate future where mayhem and excitement await!