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Rabbit and Steel – MMO styled raiding co-op roguelike

Today we’re talking about the adorable game named Rabbit & Steel, it’s a game that throws together MMO raiding and roguelikes in a surprisingly delightful way.

Imagine this: you’re a fluffy bunny knight, not unlike Judy Hopps but way more battle-scarred. The Moonlit Kingdom, a place filled with fellow rabbit-folk, has gone dark. Nasty monsters are everywhere, and a creepy white tower shoots up into the night sky. Yikes! It’s up to you and your bunny buddies to hop in, figure out what’s wrong, and punch some bad guys in the face.

Raiding Made Easy

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Here’s the cool part: Rabbit & Steel feels like a real raid, but without the stress of scheduling or waiting for hours for that one tank who keeps messing up. You can play with up to three friends, either online or on the couch. Even if you fly solo, the game throws intense bullet-hell attacks your way to keep things interesting.

The combat is all about teamwork and using your abilities just right. Each rabbit has a different class, like a tanky shieldbearer or a speedy DPS bunny who throws daggers. You gotta learn how your skills work together and with your teammates’ to dodge attacks and take down those big bad bosses.

Speaking of bosses, this game has a ton of them! Each one is unique and throws a crazy mix of attacks your way. You’ll learn their patterns, dodge fireballs, and unleash your own furry fury. But here’s the kicker: every run is different! The bosses might change up their moves a bit, keeping you on your toes.

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And let’s not forget the loot! You’ll find tons of cool items throughout your adventure, from swords that shoot lasers to hats that make you heal faster. The best part? You gotta work together with your friends to decide who gets what. No fighting over loot here, bunnies gotta share!

The story in Rabbit & Steel is pretty basic, but it’s enough to keep you going. You’re unraveling the mystery of the Moonlit Kingdom, one boss fight at a time. There’s some fun dialogue between stages, but don’t expect an Oscar-worthy plot.;P

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The art style in Rabbit & Steel is adorable. It’s all bright colors and fluffy bunnies, which is a nice contrast to the intense boss fights. But here’s the thing: things can get a bit crazy on screen. There can be a lot of stuff happening at once, making it hard to see everything you need to see. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re learning a new boss.


Overall, Rabbit & Steel is a blast! It’s a perfect game to jump into with some friends for a quick burst of fun. The combat is challenging and rewarding, the classes are all fun to play, and there’s enough loot to keep you coming back for more. Just be prepared for some visual chaos and a story that’s more like a bedtime bunny tale than a high fantasy epic.

Rabbit and Steel – MMO styled raiding co-op roguelike: If you're looking for a cute and challenging co-op experience, Rabbit & Steel is definitely worth checking out. Just remember, teamwork makes the dream work, especially when that dream involves saving a bunny kingdom from a creepy white tower! Tom Henry

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