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I’m fresh after a couple of sessions with Synergy, a relaxing city builder that just launched out in Steam’s early access. It’s got super unique graphics going for it, but does the rest keep up?

First things first, this ain’t your typical “plop down farms and watch your city grow” situation. You’re not some conquering ruler, but a group of folks trying to survive and thrive on a strange, alien planet. The environment here is both beautiful and harsh, with weird plants and who-knows-what lurking out there.

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Instead of conquering nature, Synergy is all about understanding it. You gotta analyze the strange plants, figure out how to harvest them without angering the whole ecosystem (because trust me, this planet can be deadly!). Every action feels like a balancing act – taking resources while making sure you don’t upset the delicate balance.

Now, this focus on eco-friendly city building is a cool idea. It adds a new layer to resource management, making you think twice about how you gather stuff. But honestly, it can also be a bit clunky at times. Figuring out how to interact with the environment without messing things up can feel awkward, and resource gathering becomes a bit of a chore.

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Let’s talk visuals. The game boasts this gorgeous Moebius-inspired art style, all soft pastels and clean lines. It’s a feast for the eyes! The music is pretty great too, creating a chill and relaxing atmosphere. However, the world itself feels a bit…lifeless. Sure, it’s a desert planet, but a few more environmental details – some swaying plants, maybe some creatures roaming around – would have gone a long way.

Here’s the deal: Synergy is an average city builder with a unique twist. It’s pretty, relaxing, and has some interesting mechanics. But it doesn’t quite excel in any particular area. If you’re looking for a super deep and complex city builder, you might be disappointed. But if you’re intrigued by the eco-friendly approach and the beautiful visuals, then Synergy might be worth checking out. And hopefully it will improve in early access. Developers are estimating one year in EA.

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Synergy: Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Synergy. It's a good game, but not a great one just yet. It delivers on its core premise of building a city in harmony with nature, but the gameplay can be a bit clunky at times. Still, if you're looking for something different in the city builder genre, Synergy is definitely worth considering. Tom Henry

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