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Songs of Conquest 1.0 Review

Songs of Conquest, a strategy game that’s been in development for a while, recently launched its full version. It mixes elements of classic titles like Heroes of Might and Magic with a unique twist on resource gathering.

The game has expanded significantly since its early access days. You’ll find several new story campaigns, different ways to tackle skirmishes, and even challenging maps to test your skills (though I skipped those!). There’s even a growing community creating custom campaigns and maps, adding even more replayability.

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You take on the role of powerful magic users who gather resources and build armies across a vast map. The act of sucking up resources and battling neutral armies scattered around the map is surprisingly satisfying, with turn-based battles featuring vibrant pixel art and cool animations.

Your magic users don’t fight directly, but they cast spells based on their skills and fueled by mana. You can also equip them with special bonuses that benefit your entire army. Each faction has its own unique roster of troops, each with strengths and weaknesses. Experimenting and finding the perfect team composition is a rewarding part of the experience.

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To win, you need to keep expanding your control over the map. Towns are vital as they provide resources, but your magic users can’t be everywhere at once. It’s a constant balancing act between conquering new territory and developing your existing settlements.

Each faction in Songs of Conquest feels distinct, boasting special units and playstyles. This variety keeps things fresh and prevents the gameplay from becoming repetitive.

There’s a lot to learn in Songs of Conquest, and figuring out all the different combinations of skills, spells, and units can be overwhelming at first. Some menus and information could be presented more clearly to ease players into the experience.

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When your magic users level up, they gain new skills. Unfortunately, some of these skills are much more powerful than others. It can feel like you’re relying on a bit of luck sometimes when it comes to character development.

Building structures in towns takes a long time, and the limited number of building slots can be frustrating. This can slow down your progress and limit your strategic options at times.

Final Verdict

Songs of Conquest: Songs of Conquest is a fun strategy game with a lot to offer. The world is colorful and brimming with flavor, the story campaigns are engaging, and there's a good amount of strategic depth to keep you coming back for more. It's not perfect, but if you're a fan of strategy games and don't mind a bit of a learning curve, Songs of Conquest is definitely worth checking out. Tom Henry

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  • Be prepared to spend some time learning how to play it properly.
  • The random skill selection when leveling up can feel unfair at times.
  • Building towns can be a slow process that limits your strategic options.

Despite these minor drawbacks, Songs of Conquest is a solid strategy game with a lot of charm and depth. I recommend giving it a try!

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