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StarCrawlers Chimera First Impressions

Let’s talk about StarCrawlers Chimera. I love a good RPG. StarCrawlers, the first game, is a super solid crawler which I played a bit. So, when I saw Chimera, a new StarCrawlers in a first-person roguelike style, I was optimistic. Here are my first impressions from the game.

What I liked

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Challenge: The game is hard, but I like the challenge it gives. You have to be careful or it will punish you.

Unique Skill System: This is what grabbed me first. You pick from a bunch of skill trees to create your own character build. It’s a bold move, and I gotta say, it’s pretty fun to experiment with different combinations.

Decent Graphics: Look, they ain’t mind-blowing, but for randomly generated dungeons, they do the trick. Everything’s clear and easy to see, which is important when you’re dodging laser beams and flamethrowers.

What I didn’t like

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  • Roguelike… ish? This is where things get confusing. Technically, it’s a roguelike, but you can potentially beat the game on your first try with the right build. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll probably die a bunch – I did! – but there’s a lack of that “permanent power-up” feeling you get in other roguelikes. Each run feels kinda separate.
  • Skill system overload: It’s cool having all these options, but there are just too many skill trees for a game this size. Some combos just don’t work well together, and the descriptions for the skills aren’t always the clearest. It’s a lot to figure out, and even after a good chunk of playtime, I felt like I was still guessing.
  • Not great UI: This one bugged me a lot. The game doesn’t seem optimized for ultrawide monitors, and the UI elements themselves could use some love. It’s clunky and not very intuitive. Messing with your inventory and managing gear feels like a chore.
  • Limited replayability: Now, I get it, the core gameplay is about clearing floors and progressing through the building. But sometimes I just want to jump in and do some random missions to hunt for loot. There’s not a lot of freedom in that sense. Everything feels a bit forced towards the main story.

Honestly, I think StarCrawlers Chimera has potential, but it feels like it needs more time in the oven. The core gameplay loop is fun – building your character, exploring the levels, and blasting bad guys – but there are just too many rough edges. Maybe another year in Early Access would have ironed things out.

Look, if you’re a die-hard StarCrawlers fan, Chimera might still be worth a look. There are some cool ideas here, and the core gameplay is solid. But for the average gamer, I’d recommend waiting a bit. By 2025, this game could be something truly special. Until then, it’s a decent distraction but not a must-play.

StarCrawlers Chimera: Fun experiment with a unique skill system, but needs more polish and clearer direction. Tom Henry

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