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Stuffed: Teddy Bear Co-Op FPS Review

When we were kids, our bedtime pals—those trusty teddy bears—promised to fend off the monsters hiding under our beds and in our closets. We hugged them tight and drifted to sleep, safe in their plush embrace. What if I told you that was more than just a child’s fantasy? In an imaginative twist on this childhood ritual, the game “Stuffed” turns our bear buddies into brave warriors, battling hordes of nightmarish creatures to keep us snoozing soundly.

Cute on the Outside, Warrior at Heart

Hero Art

“Stuffed” is currently in that awkward growing phase—what gamers know as early access. It’s like watching a bear cub find its legs. There’s a lot of stumbling, some face-plants, but also that undeniable ‘aww’ factor with the promise of something great.

Right from the start, I was sucked in by the game’s unique look. Our hero isn’t sporting armor or wielding a high-tech arsenal. No, it’s cuteness overload with fluff and fuzz, armed with toy guns and a bravery that belies its soft exterior. Running around as a teddy bear has a strange way of making you feel both giddy and gallant, a blend that’s surprisingly refreshing.

The First Night: Simple Pleasures

The game’s controls are pretty simple to get the hang of, making it easy for anyone to jump in. You move, you shoot, you reload—all fairly standard. But then the waves begin, and the simplicity of those waves is misleading. The first night lulls you into a false sense of security; it’s manageable, even enjoyable, as you fend off the initial, clumsy monsters.

You pick up different toys that serve as weapons—think dart guns, water pistols, and even rubber ball launchers—and use them to pop, squash, and soak your foes. These toys are outrageously fun. They perfectly match the game’s playroom battlefield—a landscape of bright colors and soft edges that’s every bit as charming as it sounds.

The Ramp-Up: From Cakewalk to Gauntlet

Horde 1

However, things take a turn after night one. The game goes from a casual romp to a full-blown sprint. Waves of monsters pour in, each round more relentless than the last. Imagine trying to sip a peaceful cup of tea in the middle of a kid’s birthday party gone wild—that’s what playing “Stuffed” feels like after a while.

There’s a random element to the weapons and power-ups you find, and this can either make or break your game. Special weapons like the “Belly Blast” (I mean, what’s not to love about a bear shooting lasers out of its belly?) can help, but they’re hit-or-miss to find. And those mini minions that show up? If you’re not packing the right firepower, prepare to get swamped. It’s a bear-eat-bear world out there, and sometimes the game feels a tad too tough for the little guys it’s supposedly built for.

Two Bears Are Better Than One, But where’s the Couch?

I love playing games with friends; it’s the highlight of gaming for me. “Stuffed” offers co-op, which is great, but it’s online only. Without couch co-op, you miss that side-by-side excitement of tackling waves together with your best bud or family member. It nudges “Stuffed” into a slightly lonelier place—a bit of an irony for a game about comfort and companionship.


Before you dive headfirst into this cuddly chaos, pause for a bear minute. “Stuffed” is chock-full of bugs, and not the cute, Jiminy Cricket kind. I’ve witnessed my fair share of game-breaking glitches that could spoil the fun faster than a rainstorm at a teddy bear picnic.

The Grind: Learning to Love the Loop

Horde 6

Despite its issues, “Stuffed” is undeniably addictive. It’s like “COD Zombies” if the soldiers were swapped for teddy bears (a trade-up in my book). There’s a pleasant grind to it, collecting coins for cosmetics that you truly earn—there are no shortcuts here with real-money purchases, thank you very much.

The game doesn’t demand much from your brain, either. It’s perfect for those evenings when you want to unwind, chat, and mow down a few plush nightmares without strategizing like it’s chess with fur.

A Look Ahead: The Paws Before The Perfect Game

I’d warn eager gamers to watch and wait. “Stuffed” in its current form is an appetizer, teasing us with taste but saving the feast for later. It’s packed with promise, and it’s clear that more content is coming. For now, though, save your pennies until it leaves early access or catches a sale. It’s not quite the full-course meal worth your 13 dollars—not yet.

The Bear Necessities for Improvement

The game could use some tough love and careful tweaks in several areas:

  • Ammo and Guns: The balance feels off. The best gun, the Big Beefy, can turn the game into a cakewalk. A mystery box mechanic or an actual ammo fear could spice things up.
  • Door Duty: Watching the door felt almost optional. We need more of those menacing shadow creatures to keep us on our toes.
  • AI Tactics: Right now, the enemies are too easy to outsmart. They need a strategy update.
  • Endless Enemies?: There’s apparently a cap on how many monsters can be on screen, making the game less challenging over time. Lift that cap, let the chaos flow.
  • Ramp Up the Spawn Rate: As you dive deeper into the nights, you’d expect an uptick in challenge; instead, it plateaus. Crank up that enemy spawn rate for continued thrills.


Level Up Station

“Stuffed” is adorable chaos wrapped in a soft, playable dream. While this teddy bear’s journey is only just beginning, it’s packed with charm, challenges, and the kind of fun that brings us back to simpler times. I’m holding onto hope for split-screen co-op, but even now, I’m giving “Stuffed” two big thumbs up. With a little polish and those bugs swept out, it could easily earn an enthusiastic third thumb, too.

If you’re a fan of shooters, silliness, and/or stuffed animals, keep an eye on this one. Behind the fuzzy exterior and the child-friendly facade, there’s a game with a heart as big as a bear—and surely that’s worth cheering for.

My score: 7/10

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