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The Chant All Endings Explained – How to achieve them?

If you’ve been playing The Chant and are eager to unlock all three endings, you’re in luck! Each ending is tied to a specific stat: Mind, Body, or Spirit. By strategically making dialogue choices, defeating enemies, and consuming certain items, you can ensure that your desired stat is the highest at the end of the game. Read on to discover the requirements for each ending and how to achieve them.

The Chant Endings Explained – Spoilers!

In the Mind ending, as you and Kim struggle to escape the dangerous whirlpool, an unexpected stroke of luck leads to a mysterious figure appearing and rescuing you both just in the nick of time. With a mix of relief and gratitude, you are brought to safety, leaving the nightmarish ordeal behind.

The Body ending takes a surprising turn as the fly entity, seemingly sensing your growing strength and determination, hesitates and eventually retreats. As you stand there, ready to face another attack, you realize that something has changed. The entity disappears into the darkness, leaving you to contemplate the significance of this encounter and the newfound strength you have discovered within yourself.

In the Spirit ending, as you find yourself caught in fits of uncontrollable laughter, it gradually becomes apparent that the entire experience was a vivid hallucination. Confused and disoriented, you slowly regain your senses, only to realize that none of the events you thought you experienced actually took place. Grateful to be back in reality, you begin to question the origin and meaning of such a vivid and elaborate illusion, wondering what it may signify about your own mind and psyche.

Each ending offers a unique twist, providing a sense of closure while leaving room for interpretation and speculation about the nature of the journey you embarked on.

How to get each ending?

Mind Ending

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To unlock the Mind ending, you’ll need to have the highest amount of Mind points when facing the final boss. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Read Lore Documents/Reels: For each lore item you pick up and read, you’ll gain 1 Mind point.
  • Consume Lavender: Using Lavender to replenish your mind energy will grant you 1 Mind point each time.
  • Choose Mind Dialogue Options: Whenever prompted, select the dialogue options that emphasize your Mind, which will reward you with 3 Mind points.

Make sure to avoid the following actions to maximize your Mind points:

  • Unnecessary Kills: Killing enemies when not required will give you points in either Body or Spirit, depending on the enemy type.
  • Choosing Body or Spirit Dialogue Options: Stick to Mind dialogue options to avoid gaining points in other stats.
  • Replenishing Body or Spirit Energy: Only restore your Mind energy when necessary to avoid gaining points in other stats.

Unlocking the Mind ending will grant you The Howling Dark achievement or trophy.

Body Ending

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If you want the Body ending, you’ll need to focus on accumulating the most Body points. Follow these steps:

  • Eliminate Cultists: Defeating cultists (non-gloom creatures) will reward you with 1 Body point per kill.
  • Consume Ginger: Use Ginger to replenish your body energy and gain 1 Body point per use.
  • Choose Body Dialogue Options: Opt for the dialogue choices that highlight your physical prowess, granting you 3 Body points.

Here’s what you should avoid to increase your chances of achieving the Body ending:

  • Reading Lore Documents/Reels: Each lore item you pick up and read will add 1 point to your Mind stat, so steer clear of them.
  • Unnecessary Kills of Gloom Creatures: Killing gloom creatures when not required will give you points in Spirit.
  • Choosing Mind or Spirit Dialogue Options: Stick to Body dialogue options to prevent gaining points in other stats.
  • Replenishing Mind or Spirit Energy: Avoid restoring energy for these stats unless necessary.

Completing the game with more Body points than Mind or Spirit will earn you the Calm Waters achievement or trophy.

Spirit Ending

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To unlock the Spirit ending, aim for the highest amount of Spirit points. Follow these guidelines:

  • Defeat Gloom Creatures: Eliminating gloom creatures will give you 1 Spirit point per kill.
  • Consume Spirit Caps: Use Spirit Caps to recharge your spirit energy and gain 1 Spirit point each time.
  • Choose Spirit Dialogue Options: Select the dialogue choices that reflect your spiritual nature, granting you 3 Spirit points.

Avoid the following actions to increase your Spirit points:

  • Reading Lore Documents/Reels: Each lore item you read will add 1 point to your Mind stat, so avoid them if you aim for the Spirit ending.
  • Unnecessary Kills of Cultists: Killing cultists when not required will give you points in Body.
  • Choosing Mind or Body Dialogue Options: Stick to Spirit dialogue options to prevent gaining points in other stats.
  • Replenishing Mind or Body Energy: Only replenish these energies when necessary to avoid gaining points in other stats.

Finishing the game with more Spirit points than Mind or Body will unlock the Shh… achievement or trophy.

Remember, each decision, combat encounter, and item consumption will influence your stats. Choose wisely and strategize to unlock your desired ending in The Chant. Good luck!