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Timemelters Game Review

When I first sat down and dove into TimeMelters, a game created by Autoexec Games, I was taken on an refreshing escape into the mash-up of the time travel, tower defense and a third-person action-adventure game.

The game initiated me as Teagan, just another woman from a small village that’s caught amidst sudden and unpredictable witch hunts. I managed to escape the hateful stakes but not without a little souvenir – a witch inside me. Oh, and I lost my brother. Overwhelmed and alone, I found myself running for life, and the game built up to its true excitement.

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I soon met a future version of myself. Yes, you read that right. With tips and advice from an elder Teagan, I not only escaped from death but also unlocked latent magical powers I had. These new powers became my main arsenal to brave through the game, fight the evil beings and save the world all at once. Apart from normal wizarding stuff like creating portals or controlling spirits, I could manipulate time now. Rewinding time to evade a fatal blow and respawn, follow a different path or take a different action, that too with a past reflection of me mimicking my last actions. This feature was at once confusing and exciting to play with, and hands down my favorite part of the game.

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As I navigated through TimeMelters, I took on challenging missions. Each with its unique set of objectives. Sometimes, I fought enemies, other times I was saving NPCs. But, it wasn’t just fighting off the waves of monsters and saving NPC’s. The game required strategizing, the balance between tackling enemy waves and managing your magical resources. Being too aggressive could lead to running out of spirit points or missing them when most needed. Rash moves were punished, and smart play was rewarded. The game pushed me to think on my feet, but at the same time, it was crucial to keep an overall strategy in mind.

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However, none of this was monotonous as it might sound. The co-op mode completely changed the dynamics of the game. Guarding important points with a friend was entirely a new battlefield as compared to wading through the waves of enemies all alone. I did notice that the strategic dynamics shift significantly when playing in co-op mode. You quickly learn that hasty attacks might lead to trouble and it’s better to focus on strategies and team up with the co-player to make the best use of the gaming map. The game interestingly offers a Friend’s Pass that lets you play the full co-op campaign for free with only one person owning the full version of the game.

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TimeMelters might initially appear straightforward. Still, it quickly escalated into a challenging game that required multitasking, managing resources, and evading potentially fatal scenarios by rewinding time, often while dealing with waves of enemies coming my way. TimeMelters really tested my strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

All in all, my journey through the ravaging kingdom, facing hordes of enemies, dealing with the betrayal and surprises unfolding on every turn was simply worth every second spent on it. The new abilities, a compelling storyline, and challenges were satisfying and kept me hooked to the game for endless hours.

TimeMelters delivered more than it promised! Yes, it had its anomalies, like any other game. But its unique blend of time-manipulation mashed with strategy and survival made it a worthwhile ride. My final verdict? TimeMelters is a game worth playing if you enjoy strategy mixed with adventure and a sprinkle of time-traveling.

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