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Which items can I trade in Rocket League?

Rocket League offers a variety of items that players can trade with one another, ranging from blueprints to in-game credits. This trading system offers the opportunity to acquire new items and to exchange duplicates or undesired items. However, not all items in the game are tradable. In this article, we’ll address the key questions related to Rocket League’s trading system, covering what can and cannot be traded.

How to trade items in Rocket League?

Before initiating a trade, you must ensure that the ‘Allow Player-to-Player Trading’ setting is enabled. This is found in the Interface tab within the Settings menu. For children’s accounts, trading might be restricted due to parental controls. If you suspect your account to be a Cabined Account, you’ll need to consult your parent or guardian to modify your account permissions.

Note that trades can only occur within the same platform. That means, if you’ve built an item from a Blueprint using credits on Xbox, the trade should be with another Xbox player.

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In addition, items purchased from the Item Shop and the Esports Shop are non-tradable. And to curb fraud, any player involved in trading must have purchased at least 500 Credits, Esports Tokens, or a Starter Pack. This condition doesn’t apply to those who’ve been playing prior to the Free to Play update.

Initiating a Trade: Step-by-Step

  1. Start Rocket League.
  2. Invite the player you wish to trade with to a party.
  3. Ensure that the ‘Allow Player-to-Player Trading’ setting is checked for both players.
  4. Click on the ‘Invite to Trade’ button.
  5. Choose the items or credits you wish to offer, and confirm what the other player is proposing.
  6. Click on ‘Accept’, review the offerings, and then press and hold ‘Accept’ again to finalize.

Trade Successfully: A Few Tips

  • Trading can only occur when both parties are online.
  • A trade gets processed once both players confirm. Should either player alter the trade, the confirmation is cancelled.
  • Each player must confirm the trade for it to be executed.
  • Players receive confirmation prompts indicating the items they’ve received.
  • Be sure to scrutinize each item on the ‘Review Your Trade’ screen.
  • Small batch trading can simplify tracking.
  • Always exercise caution when trading to ensure fairness.

How to trade items in Rocket League for credits?

In order to exchange your items for credits you have to find a player that will agree to that trade. You can find players willing to trade for credits on Reddit, Steam forums and RL online item exchanges.

1. Can you trade items from blueprints?

Yes, items obtained from blueprints can be traded, but only if they have been revealed and built on the same platform. Unrevealed blueprints or those built on a different platform are not eligible for trading.

2. Can you trade tournament items?

The article doesn’t provide information on whether tournament items can be traded. This may vary based on the specifics of the item and the tournament in question.

3. Can you trade cross-platform?

Currently, trading is restricted to the same platform on RL. This means you can only trade with other players logged into the same platform as you.

4. Can you trade blueprints?

Yes, revealed blueprints can be traded with other players on the same platform. Unrevealed blueprints, however, cannot be traded.

5. Can you trade player anthems in RL?

No, because there are not any player anthems that have the tradeable status. All players anthems are untradeable.

6. Can you trade in split screen?

It’s not possible to trade in split screen mode.

7. Can you trade limited items?

Certain limited items, such as those from in-game events (Haunted Hallows, Frosty Fest, etc.) can be traded. However, items purchased from the Item Shop, the Esports Shop, or any items of Common and Legacy rarities cannot be traded.

8. Can you trade items bought in shop?

No, items purchased from the Item Shop or the Esports Shop on Rocket League cannot be traded with other players on any platform.

Some items tend not to come back to shop, for instance we wrote about the Rick Astley anthem that was available in RL shop for a few days and now any new players can’t get it by trading.

9. Can you trade legacy items?

No, items of Legacy rarity are not eligible for trading.

10. Can you trade credits?

Yes, credits can be traded, but there are restrictions. Only one player may trade credits in a transaction. Also, credits cannot be traded for other credits, nor can they be traded for nothing. The maximum amount of credits that can be traded is 100,000.

11. Can you trade in Rocket League without 2FA?

No, you can’t trade in Rocket League without 2FA enabled. You have to enable 2FA on your Epic Games/Steam account to be able to trade items.

Trading in Rocket League can be a fun and exciting way to enhance your collection of cars, decals, and other items. As always, it’s important to stay informed about what can and cannot be traded and to be aware of any potential changes to trading rules and restrictions. Happy trading!