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Winter Survival: Early Access Review

Welcome to my review of “Winter Survival,” a survival game from DRAGO entertainment that challenges you to endure the brutal conditions of a winter wilderness. This game combines the traditional elements of survival with a unique sanity system, setting it apart from others in the genre. This is Early Access review edition;)

The Unique Twist: Losing Your Mind

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Right off the bat, the game throws its coolest feature at you: the sanity system. Imagine having a really bad day, where everything goes wrong, and it starts messing with your head. That’s what “Winter Survival” does brilliantly. If things go south – like getting too cold or not eating – you start seeing things. Rocks might look like wolves, or deer could seem like zombies. It got real interesting when I tried crossing a log over a river, only for it to turn out to be my imagination. Boy, did I take a cold splash!

“Survival” is right in the name, and the game delivers on that front, but it’s the horror elements that caught me off guard. I’ll admit, I jumped more than once. There was this one time I forgot to drink water, and then I heard a mysterious voice asking, “Thirsty?” It freaked me out! The game knows how to use its spooky vibes well.

Crafting: A Missed Opportunity

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Now, not everything in “Winter Survival” felt right. The crafting felt clunky. You know those games where making stuff feels like you’re actually doing something cool? This isn’t one of them. It’s a lot of clicking through menus and needing specific spots to build things. I wish it felt more like I was actually in the woods, using my hands to make stuff.

Tough Love from Mother Nature

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I’m all for a challenge, but “Winter Survival” sometimes feels like it’s just piling on. One of my first “adventures” in the game left me almost ready to throw my controller. You start off cold, thirsty, and basically set up to fail. The game tells you to fix your clothes, dry them, and find your backpack – but good luck doing any of that without dying a bunch first.

I learned this the hard way. Tried drying my clothes first, only to almost die of dehydration. Went for my backpack thinking I’d have water there, only to find it nearly empty when I finally got to it. And the wolves. Oh, the wolves. Let’s just say they weren’t there to help.

One thing that got to me was how much the game relies on telling you stuff rather than showing. You know how in some games, you discover things on your own and it feels great? In “Winter Survival”, your character just keeps pointing out the obvious. It’s like going on a hike with someone who won’t stop talking. Sometimes, less is more.


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  • The sanity system really brings something new to the table.
  • The horror elements are well done and actually got to me a few times.


  • The crafting system feels out of place and breaks the immersion.
  • The game can be unfairly hard, making it more frustrating than fun.
  • Too much unnecessary talking takes away from the experience.

“Winter Survival” has its moments. The sanity system and the scares are top-notch. But the crafting feels like a chore, and the game sometimes feels too eager to watch you fail. It’s like it’s trying to be a hardcore survival game and a story-driven adventure at the same time, but hasn’t quite figured out how to balance the two.

I’d say give it a shot if you’re really into survival games or if you want to see how long you’d last stuck in a winter horror story. Just be ready for a bit of a rough ride. Maybe with some updates, it’ll smooth out the rough edges. Until then, I’m giving “Winter Survival” a 6 out of 10. Keep an eye on it, but maybe keep your winter coat close by, too.

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