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Delivery from the Pain – how to get all endings?

Unlocking all endings in ‘Delivery From The Pain‘ is a challenging feat that requires keen attention to the storyline, careful management of interactions, and strategic decisions. Each ending results from a combination of different actions and choices you make throughout the game. Here’s an in-depth look at how to achieve each. Also, you can get up to 5 achievements when you complete all the endings of the game.

Bad Ending

The Bad Ending is relatively straightforward. It is, in a sense, the “default” ending that you will achieve by following the game’s narrative without pursuing any special paths. After overcoming the final boss, you will need to use your ID card at the Automobile Factory, which allows you to escape the dystopian world through the main door. This ending doesn’t require you to follow specific character questlines, so it can be achieved even if you don’t fully engage with all NPCs or fail to complete certain tasks.

Completing the game will unlock one of these achievements, depending on what difficulty you played the game on:

  • Bad Ending 1 – Finish Game – Normal or Hard Difficulty.
  • Bad Ending 2 – Finish Game – Nightmare Difficulty
  • Bad Ending 3 – Finish Game – Worse Plot Ending & Escape Refused – Any Difficulty

Good Ending

To secure the Good Ending, you must be willing to venture off the beaten path and investigate the secrets of the game world. Avoid activating the generator located near the secret door in the police station, a decision that diverts you from the standard game progression. While exploring, keep an eye out for four journals spread across various locations. These journals contain fragments of a password that, when pieced together, provide access to a secret area.

Once you’ve collected all four journals and deciphered the password, wait until you’ve defeated the final boss. You will obtain an ID card from the boss, which is crucial to this ending. Use this ID card along with the decrypted password to open the secret door in the police station. The Good Ending unravels as you uncover the truth hidden behind this door, rewarding you for your investigative prowess and decision-making throughout the game.

Achievement for completing the ending: Good Ending – Finish Game – Best Plot Ending & Secret Discovered – Any Difficulty

Special ending – Catherine/Angel Ending:

Achieving the Catherine/Angel Ending is the most complex of all and involves intricate interactions with specific characters. Firstly, you must convince Catherine and Angel to move to North City. This will be achieved through a series of dialogues and building a good relationship with them.

At some point in the storyline, Catherine and Angel’s police station will be sabotaged, and it’s crucial to ensure their safety during this event. Unfortunately, Catherine will eventually die in a cutscene, regardless of your actions. The emotional fallout from this event leaves Angel in your care.

Your next task is to nurture Angel. Feed her dainty potatoes every day, which will prompt her to share her stories with you. Listen to her tales until she tells her last story, which will present you with a choice. Instead of choosing the binary options, select the third, non-binary choice.

This ending is a testament to your ability to form and maintain relationships in the harsh world of ‘Delivery From The Pain.’ It is as much a reflection of your humanity as it is of your survival skills.

Achievement for completing the ending: Special Ending Finish Game – Special Plot Ending – Any Difficulty

How to survive in the game?

  1. Buy resources from NPCs, focusing on Steel, Copper Wire, and Rubber in the normal game, or Iron, Steel, Copper Wire, and Food in the DLC.
  2. Sell surplus resources, such as Alcohol, excess Fresh food, Gunpowder (unless you’re heavily using ranged weapons), and Plastic.
  3. Make sure to get a car as soon as possible. It accelerates your mobility around the map and adds a layer of safety.
  4. Always try to attack enemies from behind, as most of them can be taken down with a single blow from the rear, thereby conserving weapon durability.
  5. Upgrade your base wisely. Prioritize items that improve your quality of life, such as a good bed, a garden for food, or a shower for mood boosts.

Surviving is not just about you. The characters you meet along the journey can aid you with resources, but they can also die if not cared for properly. Here are some important characters to note:

  1. Colin Loke: He becomes a merchant and can’t die through the story.
  2. Dr. Duke: A doctor who sells medicine. He will leave permanently if Hunter Miller dies.
  3. Hunter Miller: A food merchant. This character can die easily but can be saved by following a specific quest line.
  4. Big Brother: He sells steel and copper wire and cannot die.
  5. Avery: A weapon merchant who can die but can be saved by completing specific quests.
  6. Catherine/Angel: These characters can die, but their survival is dependent on various factors including your relationship with them.