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The Ending of “Forgive Me Father”

“Forgive Me Father” is a thrilling game with five gripping acts and twelve intricate levels. As you navigate the arcane world of Pestisville, the game’s narrative takes you through the twisted stories of its two main characters: Old Man Murphy, the priest, and Samantha, the journalist. The story is built upon a rich tapestry of past experiences, personal struggles, and deranged psychologies.

The heart-stopping conclusion is a Downer Ending, one of the harshest instances of the Cruel Twist Ending genre. After a heroic effort to defeat Cthulhu, you become a tentacled monstrosity under his influence, waking up chained to a hospital bed, about to face the repercussions of murdering Pestisville’s population, including your own cousin. This revelation retroactively changes the entire perception of the game, casting a dark shadow on everything you thought was happening.


Old Man Murphy’s Descent into Madness

Old Man Murphy’s backstory paints a tragic picture. A former Navy crew member on the Blue Squid during WWI, he found his wife in bed with his cousin. This betrayal, coupled with the horrors he witnessed during the war, pushed him into the dark abyss of alcoholism.

His descent into madness eventually morphed him into a serial killer, convinced he was a divine exterminator. The game brilliantly ties his twisted perspective into his abilities – the Necronomicon reflecting his deranged imagination, the Aspergillium as a symbol of his maritime past, the Medallion honoring his time in the Navy, and the Crucifix embodying his delusional priest persona.

The “fallen aces” in the game symbolize his infidelity trauma and murderous exploits, with the more fantastical elements of his story probably fueled by the journalist, Samantha.

Samantha’s Journey into the Abyss

The journalist, Samantha, takes a different path to darkness. Falling in love with a member of a hippie “religious group,” she plunges into a world of drugs and mind manipulation. The game suggests that the group might be a brainwashing cult, leading Samantha into a life of prostitution or voyeurism. Lost in her drug-induced haze, she embarks on a homicidal rampage under the pretext of unveiling a grand conspiracy.

Samantha’s abilities in the game further amplify her backstory. The Sword and Cigarettes represent her drug use and experiments with stimulants and hallucinogens. The Camera is an allusion to her voyeuristic tendencies, and the Voodoo Doll signifies her time in the cult.

The Twisted Connection

Despite their starkly different pasts, Murphy and Samantha share a chilling connection. Both end up in the same mental institution, each affecting the other’s subconscious through the walls of their adjacent rooms. Their deranged rants, conspiracy theories, and religious blabber seep into each other’s minds, escalating their madness and paranoia.

This journey culminates in the game’s startling conclusion, where you awaken, confined in a hospital bed, with the blood of Pestisville on your hands.

“Forgive Me Father” weaves a complex narrative that stays with the player long after the game has ended. Its chilling storyline and compelling characters blend seamlessly into the horror theme, leaving players questioning the nature of reality, sanity, and the horrifying depths of human desperation.