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Die by the Blade Review

Let me start by saying this: there’s something truly satisfying about a perfect duel in Die by the Blade. You lock eyes with your opponent across a neon-drenched alley or a serene bamboo forest. The tension crackles in the air. One mistake, one misplaced swing, and it’s all over.

That’s the core appeal of Die by the Blade: a test of skill and reflexes where a single, decisive strike can mean victory or defeat. You pick your fighter, customize their look (think cool masks and edgy outfits), and then unleash hell with a variety of deadly weapons – from katanas to broadswords.

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Here’s the thing, though: landing those perfect strikes isn’t always as smooth as it should be. The controls, especially on controllers like the Steam Deck, can feel clunky at times. Pulling off combos takes practice, and sometimes it feels like there’s a lag between your button presses and what happens on screen.

It’s a shame because mastering the combat system is key. If all you do is dodge and swipe, you’ll get wrecked pretty quickly. This isn’t a button-masher. This is a game where patience, strategy, and precise timing are your greatest weapons.

Speaking of weapons, there’s a decent selection to choose from, and you can even mix and match to create your own unique fighting style. Want a lightning-fast katana paired with a sneaky dagger for parrying? Go for it! Like the earth-shattering power of a two-handed axe? You got it.

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Customization goes beyond weapons, though. You can unlock cool outfits and accessories for your character, though they’re purely cosmetic and don’t affect your fighting ability. Still, it’s nice to look good while you’re dominating the competition, right?

Speaking of competition, that’s where things get a little dicey. Right now, the game feels a bit light on content. Once you’ve unlocked everything, all that’s left is online ranked matches. And while the ranked system has potential, it needs some work – the Discord community has some great ideas for improvement.

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So, here’s my verdict. Die by the Blade has the heart of a truly unique fighting game. It’s tense, it’s brutal, and landing that final blow is pure joy. But the clunky controls and lack of replay value hold it back a bit.

Die by the Blade: If you're a hardcore fighting game fan who loves a challenge, then this is definitely worth checking out. But for casual players, it might be a bit rough around the edges right now. Maybe wait for an update or two before diving in. Tom Henry

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