Farm Manager World – Early Access Review

I’ve been a farm sim fan for years. Stardew Valley? Been there, tilled that. Farming Simulator? Driven the tractors, milked the cows. So, when Farm Manager World landed on my plate, I was both excited and a little nervous. Could it possibly offer something new?

First things first, Farm Manager World throws you right into the thick of things. You can choose to start your farm in Europe, Central America, or – coming soon! – Asia. Each location has its own feel, with different types of soil and weather patterns to consider. It’s not just about planting seeds anymore – you gotta be a real land detective, figuring out what kind of crops will thrive where.

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And speaking of crops, there’s a lot of variety. From familiar favorites like wheat and corn to exotic fruits like dragonfruit, you can build a real global harvest. But here’s the thing: plants are picky. Each one has its own soil needs, and you gotta be like a plant whisperer, testing the soil and adding just the right fertilizers to keep it happy. Remember that science class project on PH levels? Yeah, it comes in handy here.

No farm is complete without some animals. You’re not just throwing them some hay and calling it a day. You gotta buy them young, feed them the right food, keep them healthy, and then there’s the whole milking and egg-collecting business. It’s a responsibility, but a rewarding one – those happy cows and chickens translate into happy profits!

As your farm grows, you gotta think smart. Just planting stuff in a haphazard way won’t cut it. Farm Manager World lets you design your farm layout, which is pretty cool. You gotta think about where to put your fields, barns, and all the other buildings so everything runs smoothly. There are even fancy new tools you can unlock to automate tasks and make life easier.

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Just like in real life, the market plays a big role in Farm Manager World. Prices for crops and resources fluctuate, so you gotta be a savvy trader. Watch the demand and supply, and pounce on the best deals to maximize your profits. It’s like playing a mini-economics game, which adds a whole new layer of strategy to the whole farming thing.

Running a global farming empire ain’t a one-person job. You can hire workers to help you out, and it’s important to pick the right people for the job. Some are better at planting, others at milking cows. It’s all about finding the right team to keep your farm running like a well-oiled machine. Speaking of machines, you gotta invest in tractors, harvesters, and all sorts of cool equipment. Keeping them fueled and in tip-top shape is crucial – you don’t want a broken-down tractor in the middle of harvest season!

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Farm Manager World isn’t just about growing crops and selling them raw. You can build factories and process your harvest into all kinds of goodies. Want to bake bread or pickle those cucumbers? The choice is yours! There’s even an organic farming option, which is a whole new challenge. Those pesky diseases and pests can really wreak havoc, but the rewards for organic produce are pretty sweet.

There are a few bugs here and there, which is to be expected since it’s still in Early Access. The developers seem pretty active though, so I’m confident they’ll get ironed out soon. There’s also this nagging feeling that I want even more stuff – more crops, more buildings, more customization options for those fancy tractors. But hey, that’s just the desire for more farming goodness talking!

Farm Manager World: Overall, Farm Manager World is a fantastic addition to the farming sim genre. It's got depth, it's got challenge, and it's got that addictive "just one more harvest" feeling that keeps you glued to the screen. Worth a play. Tom Henry

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