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Hell Let Loose: 2024 review

You have probably heard the hype about Hell Let Loose, this big, bad WW2 shooter with a hundred players all brawling it out. But is it worth playing now in 2024? Let’s find out.

Hell Let Loose is all about teamwork. You’ll be part of a squad with 1-6 other players, and your squad leader is basically your sergeant. They call the shots, set up spawn points, and hopefully keep you alive. Here’s the thing: if you don’t listen to your squad leader, you’re toast. You might spend half the game running from HQ to the action, only to get blasted by someone you never saw.

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Okay, the good stuff. When everything clicks, Hell Let Loose is incredible. You’re pushing through a smoky battlefield with your squad, bullets whizzing past your head. You take an objective, hear the roar of a tank engine, and scramble for cover. It’s intense, chaotic, and utterly exhilarating. But here’s the catch: sometimes your biggest enemy isn’t the other team. It’s your own side. Friendly fire is a real thing, and with limited communication, it’s easy to get blasted by a teammate who didn’t see you.

The beauty of Hell Let Loose is the variety. You’re not stuck as a rifleman the whole time. There are engineers who build defenses, supports who keep everyone stocked up, and even snipers who can harass the enemy from afar. Each role has its own challenges and rewards, keeping things fresh.

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There are a bunch of historical maps to fight on, from the rolling hills of France to the bombed-out streets of Stalingrad. Each map is huge and can be played in two main modes: Offensive, where you push from point to point, and Warfare, where it’s a constant tug-of-war for control. The downside? Some maps, like Stalingrad, feel a bit too open, making you a sitting duck for enemy snipers with laser-beam aim.

The developers seem to be passionate about the game, but lately, updates have been a mixed bag. Some introduce cool new stuff, but others come with bugs that make you want to hurl your keyboard across the room. Hopefully, they’ll iron out these kinks in the future.

Hell Let Loose: Hell Let Loose is a fantastic game, but it's not for everyone. It has a steep learning curve, relies heavily on good communication (which can be a gamble), and sometimes throws frustrating situations your way. Tom Henry

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The price tag might also be a turn-off for some. But if you’re looking for a hardcore, teamwork-oriented shooter that throws you into the heart of epic WW2 battles, Hell Let Loose might just be your next obsession. Just remember, soldier, most of the time you’ll feel like cannon fodder. But those rare moments when you feel like the hero of a war movie? Those make it all worth it.

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