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Black One Blood Brothers: Review

Black One Blood Brothers isn’t your typical, flashy shooter. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but full of potential. Imagine leading a squad of elite soldiers on dangerous missions worldwide. Every move needs to be planned meticulously before the first bullet flies. Think Rainbow Six or the old-school Ghost Recon games, but with a single developer pouring his heart and soul into the project.

This is where Black One Blood Brothers truly shines. You get a fantastic tactical map where you plot your squad’s movements, set waypoints, and assign targets. It feels like playing a real-time strategy game, but with guns! The level of customization is impressive too. Want to kit out your crew with silenced pistols and night vision goggles? Go for it! There are tons of guns, armor, and gadgets to play with, and you can even tweak the difficulty and mission parameters to create the perfect challenge.

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However, Black One Blood Brothers isn’t without its flaws. Sometimes your squadmates get stuck in the environment, forcing you to restart the entire mission – a frustrating experience. The graphics aren’t AAA quality either, especially the gun camouflage. It’s like everything’s covered in blurry splotches. The enemy and friendly AI also leave a lot to be desired. Don’t expect them to win any awards for cleverness. They mostly just follow orders and stand around awkwardly.

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The gunplay itself feels a bit clunky, like you’re using toy guns. The animations are stiff too. It’s a far cry from the more polished shooters on the market.

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Black One Blood Brothers: So, should you buy Black One Blood Brothers? It depends. If you crave a perfectly polished AAA shooter, look elsewhere. But if you're a patient gamer who digs strategic depth and customization, Black One Blood Brothers offers a unique experience. It's a bit rough around the edges, but for the price, it's worth checking out – especially if you miss those classic tactical shooters. Tom Henry

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