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Besiege: The Splintered Sea DLC Review

The Splintered Sea DLC for Besiege throws you into a new campaign with 10 new missions. You’ll be battling pirates, dodging traps, and even taking on a giant squid (seriously!). It’s not the longest DLC out there, but conquering each mission with your own crazy contraption is pure satisfaction.

Speaking of contraptions, this expansion adds eight new blocks to your toolbox. We’re talking floats for buoyancy, rudders for steering, and even harpoons for snagging unsuspecting loot (or fish, if you’re feeling a little bloodthirsty). The coolest part? The water actually behaves realistically! Your boat will bob with the waves, and a heavy ship will handle differently than a nimble speedboat you cobbled together.

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There’s a new sandbox mode too, perfect for letting your imagination run wild. Explore an archipelago, challenge a massive galleon, or just putter around and see what sea creatures you can snag with your trusty harpoon. Plus, you can build your own watery playgrounds in the level editor, which is great for messing around with friends.

Now, here’s the thing: Besiege isn’t exactly known for its deep story. You won’t find any epic narratives here. But there’s a certain charm to building ridiculous machines and unleashing them on unsuspecting enemies. It’s like playing with the most awesome, destructive toys ever.

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That being said, this expansion does add some nice visuals. Gone are the drab grey boxes of the base game, replaced by beautiful ocean vistas teeming with life (which you can accidentally murder with your propeller blades, whoops!).

Here’s the catch: you can probably blitz through the campaign and sandbox content in a few evenings, especially if you’re a seasoned Besiege player. The real fun comes from experimenting and building crazy contraptions. If that’s your jam, you’ll get endless enjoyment out of The Splintered Sea.

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Besiege: The Splintered Sea DLC: So, should you set sail for The Splintered Sea? If you love building things, tinkering with physics, and a good dose of wacky destruction, then absolutely! It's a great long awaited DLC for the game. I hope they will come up with a next one in the future. Tom Henry

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