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Nine Sols is a hand-drawn new action-platformer game from Red Candle Games, the creative minds behind spooky indie hits like Detention and Devotion.

Nine Sols throws you into the paws of Yi, a grumpy yet determined feline warrior on a path of vengeance. Don’t be fooled by the cute exterior – this game packs a punch! Enemies telegraph their attacks clearly, making combat a strategic dance of defense and offense. Mastering the parry system, similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is key. Deflecting blows builds your special meter, allowing you to unleash powerful counterattacks. It’s a rewarding cycle that feels fantastic once you find your rhythm.

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Nine Sols embraces the metroidvania spirit. You’ll traverse a vast, interconnected world, unlocking new areas and abilities as you progress. The world design is well-crafted, encouraging exploration and rewarding you with hidden secrets and lore snippets. The platforming challenges are cleverly designed, offering a satisfying mix of difficulty and accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned metroidvania pro or a curious newcomer, Nine Sols offers a smooth learning curve that keeps things engaging.

The narrative unfolds in an intriguing way. Players piece together Yi’s past through scattered memories and environmental storytelling. This approach adds a layer of mystery and keeps you invested in uncovering the truth. While Yi might come across as a bit gruff at first, his character development is a pleasant surprise. His relationship with a young girl named Shuanshuan adds a touch of heartwarming companionship.

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Nine Sols boasts some truly gorgeous visuals. The hand-drawn characters and environments are bursting with detail, and the animations are smooth and satisfying. The starting area enchants with its vibrant color palette, setting the stage for a beautiful world. Later areas reflect the story’s darker undertones, adopting a more industrial aesthetic. While the color shift might be jarring for some, it adds to the overall atmosphere effectively.

While Nine Sols purrs with most aspects, there are a few things to keep in mind. The lack of quest tracking can be frustrating if you forget what an NPC told you to do. A point of no return exists where resource gathering becomes unavailable, so be sure you’re well-equipped before reaching it. Finally, some mid-bosses feel like repetitive reskins of regular enemies, detracting from the overall excitement.

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Nine Sols: Nine Sols is a delightful game in the metroidvania genre. It offers a satisfying challenge, cleverly designed exploration, and a captivating story that unfolds slowly but surely. While not entirely groundbreaking, it polishes tried-and-true mechanics to a shine, delivering an experience both familiar and fresh. The beautiful visuals, intriguing world, and rewarding combat make Nine Sols a game that's sure to leave a paw-sitive impression on any metroidvania enjoyer 😉 Tom Henry

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