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Night of the Dead 1.0 Review

I was looking for something new to play online co-op and I found the new release for just that: Night of the Dead.

Now, this isn’t some fancy, next-gen experience. The graphics are decent, some nice details here and there, but nothing mind-blowing. But hey, who cares about fancy graphics when you’re staring down a horde of zombies, right?


This game throws you right into the thick of it. You’re dropped in a zombie-infested world, and it’s up to you to survive. The best part? You get to build your own defenses! Imagine this: chopping down trees, hammering walls, crafting traps – it’s like playing house, but way more intense.

Speaking of crafting, that’s where Night of the Dead really shines. You can use almost anything you find – rocks, car parts, even stuff from abandoned houses – to build weapons, armor, and even traps for those pesky undead visitors. I spent hours crafting a sweet crossbow, picking off zombies from a distance and then retrieving the arrows – gotta be resourceful, you know?

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Now, the world itself is open for exploration. You can wander around, scavenge for supplies, and maybe even encounter some wild animals. It’s cool how these animals actually interact with each other. I saw a fox chase a rabbit once, way more realistic than some games where everything just ignores each other.

Here’s the thing, though: Night of the Dead is still under construction. It’s not perfect. The controls can be a little clunky sometimes, and the camera can get a bit jerky, especially when things get hectic. There are also some friendly NPCs who can be a bit…well, a pain. They sometimes block doorways and wander into your traps. Still, you can revive them and even give them weapons, which is pretty handy.

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Night of the Dead: Overall, Night of the Dead is a fun game, especially with a friend. Building your base together, fending off zombies, exploring the world – it's a good time. Just keep in mind it's a work in progress. It needs some polish, but the core gameplay loop is solid. If you're into survival games with a crafting twist, and don't mind a few rough edges, then Night of the Dead is definitely worth checking out. Just maybe mute the NPC voices, trust me. Tom Henry

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