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theHunter: Call of the Wild co-op mode review

theHunter: Call of the Wild is a highly immersive hunting simulation game that offers players a vast open world filled with diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. In addition to the single-player experience, the game features a multiplayer mode that allows players to hunt alongside their friends. This article provides an overview of the current co-op mode in the game, the challenges players may face, and the strategies to maximize enjoyment.

How does coop in theHunter: Call of the Wild works?

Co-op mode overview: In theHunter: Call of the Wild’s co-op mode, players can join a session with up to 7 friends, creating a hunting party of 8 players maximum. The primary goal of the co-op mode is to offer a shared hunting experience, where players can explore the map, track and spot animals, and engage in hunting activities together.

Challenges in co-op mode: One of the main challenges that players face in the current co-op mode is the reward system. When hunting in a group, only the player who lands the fatal shot on an animal receives the experience points (XP) and in-game currency rewards. This can leave other players who contributed to the hunt, such as tracking and spotting the animal, empty-handed.

Another challenge in co-op mode is maintaining effective communication and coordination among players. Since the game features a vast open world, players may find themselves spread out across the map, which can lead to a disjointed hunting experience.

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Strategies to enhance co-op mode enjoyment: Despite the challenges, there are several strategies players can adopt to make their co-op experience more enjoyable:

  1. Communication: Establish clear communication with your teammates to ensure everyone is on the same page. Discuss roles such as spotting, tracking, and shooting, and coordinate your actions to create a more cohesive hunting experience.
  2. Hunt together: Focus on staying close to your teammates and hunting as a group. This can help maintain the feeling of camaraderie and enhance the overall co-op experience.
  3. Target different animals: Instead of competing for the same animal, players can choose different targets within a herd and shoot simultaneously. This ensures everyone has a chance to earn rewards.
  4. Geese hunting: Engage in geese hunting, which involves calling in flocks of geese that offer substantial cash rewards. This activity can be an enjoyable cooperative experience, as hunting pressure doesn’t matter, and players don’t have to move around constantly.

How co-op in Call of the Wild could be enhanced?

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Possible improvements: To make the multiplayer experience more rewarding and fair, the developers could consider implementing some of the following changes:

  1. Distance limit: Introduce a distance limit of 50-100 meters between players when the fatal shot is made. This would encourage teamwork and ensure that players stay close to each other during the hunt.
  2. XP for tracking: Reward players with XP for tracking animals, so even if they don’t land the final shot, they still receive something for their efforts.
  3. Splitting XP: Divide the XP earned from a kill equally among all players who contributed to the hunt, regardless of who landed the final shot.
  4. Passive XP: Grant passive XP to players based on their time spent in the game. This would encourage longer play sessions and further cooperation.

Alternative multiplayer strategies: In addition to the suggested improvements, players can also adopt alternative strategies to make their multiplayer experience more enjoyable. For example:

  1. Target different animals: Instead of competing for the same animal, players can choose different targets within a herd and shoot simultaneously. This way, everyone gets a chance to earn rewards.
  2. Geese hunting: Engage in geese hunting, which involves calling in flocks of geese that offer substantial cash rewards. The hunting pressure doesn’t matter in this case, so there’s no need to move around.
  3. Communication and cooperation: Coordinate with your teammates and decide on roles such as spotting, tracking, and shooting. This way, everyone gets involved in the hunt and contributes to the overall experience.

The Angler – fishing co-op expansion

Expansive Worlds is introducing a new DLC for theHunter: Call of the Wild called The Angler. This DLC focuses on providing players with a realistic and immersive fishing experience. With drop-in, drop-out multiplayer, a realistic casting system, and regular post-launch content updates, The Angler aims to deliver an unforgettable virtual fishing adventure.

Drop-in, Drop-out Multiplayer: The Angler’s multiplayer feature allows players to join and leave a fishing session as they please, making it perfect for those looking to enjoy a relaxing fishing experience with friends. Patience is a key aspect of fishing, and this multiplayer system ensures that players can come and go as their patience allows.

Intuitive Casting System and Realistic Fish Behavior: The Angler features an intuitive casting system that makes fishing engaging and immersive. Each fish species has its own unique behavior and traits, requiring players to carefully counter their movements as they reel them in. The game also simulates water temperatures, depths, altitude, and more to determine where fish populations will be, making each catch a memorable experience.

Pricing and Post-launch Content: The Angler DLC will cost $30 at launch, with Expansive Worlds planning to deliver memorable new fishing experiences through regular post-launch content updates. The developers will closely collaborate with the community to ensure that the DLC remains engaging and exciting for players.

Release and Platform Availability: While the exact release date for The Angler DLC on consoles is not yet confirmed, the developers have stated that it is “coming soon.” The PC version appears to be the immediate priority for Expansive Worlds. It’s out on Steam and Epic Games.

Top tips for Call of the Wild new multiplayer players

  1. Head to the straightest lookout tower to unlock the outposts and see them on the map.
  2. Use the 243 rifle and upgrade to polymer tips for better performance.
  3. Purchase the Hyperion or 8×42 rifle scope and Apex view binoculars as soon as you can.
  4. Consider purchasing the Modern Rifles Weapon Pack DLC for additional weapons.
  5. Try hunting on DLC maps in multiplayer mode even if you don’t own them.
  6. Focus on leveling up, unlocking maps, and learning the game rather than finding trophies.
  7. Hunt around water sources for better chances of spotting animals.
  8. Create hunting pressure elsewhere on the map to reduce pressure in a particular area.
  9. Choose stalker skills like track knowledge, zeroing, and steady hands for better hunting performance.
  10. Consider recoil management as the most important perk under shotguns.