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11 Best Quotes from Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated open-world RPG from Bethesda, is filled with memorable dialogue and thought-provoking quotes. From witty banter to profound philosophical musings, the game offers a range of memorable moments. Here are the top 11 quotes from Starfield, sourced from a variety of in-game characters and situations.

1. “Is God real? The more proper question would be, Is reality divine? Existence itself is a mystery which yearns to be uncovered.[…]” – Matteo

Matteo, a character from the Sanctum Universum religious order, delivers a profound and philosophical speech during a memorial in Starfield. His words echo the beliefs of the order, drawing parallels to the teachings of renowned philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Here’s a full quote:

Among the Grav Jumps, God Seeks You

Is God real? The more proper question would be, “Is reality divine?” Existence itself is a mystery which yearns to be uncovered.

What is goodness but a comparison to the Good? What is existence but a participation in Being? Any common attribute invites comparison to some more pure form of it, and as we work our way up the tree of attributes (from apples to red to color to waveforms to energy to spacetime to existence) we find fewer and fewer branches to explore. All of reality eventually converges into a single point. Some call it Omega. Others, Telos. Some call it God. But its true nature is best understood in another way.

For where the diversity of the universe inspires awe and wonder, it exists only in contrast to a simplicity so pure that it may only be understood as primordial and even divine. To say that it exists is effectively redundant as it is, in fact, Existence itself. Our being derives from Being. Our essence is what was imagined by its mind, but what we consider “imagining” and what we consider “mind” are in fact so far beyond our understanding that even these metaphors are like the tiny whitecaps on a massive surging sea.

Most urgently, this Being, which gave rise to reality itself, seeks to understand its consequents, by which I mean you and me. Our senses are limited and only able to perceive three dimensions as we are helplessly flung along the fourth in a single direction… but our finest minds tell us that the universe has at least twelve dimensions, and who knows what further knowledge may be revealed in time? From our meager capacity, the universe is not simply unexplored but fully unknowable in any comprehensive sense.

And so we rely on revelation. We submit ourselves to direct communion with the one source of truth, for Truth is another of its attributes, even as all the separate aspects resolve into simplicity. To know the truth, we must know the Truth.

And that Truth wishes to know us as well.

Our physical embodiments are limited to movement in three dimensions, just as fabric is bound to and defined by its warp and weft. But we have a power that raises us above the unminded matter that merely exists without will. We can bend the fabric of spacetime, rending warp from weft, peering through the veil that we may otherwise mistake for all that there is. When we do so, by jumping from point to point, we are not merely moving in space but becoming voyagers into a new level of understanding. Those moments between grav jumps are not simply nothingness, but glimpses into understanding of the Mystery that underlies all reality.

To know that Truth is to become closer to the divine ourselves. This is the purpose of our lives. The purpose of the Sanctum Universum is to guide you in these experiences so each opportunity to know is not squandered. Seek out Aquilus, let him open your heart to the understanding that it is no different from your mind, and join us as we seek further communion and increase our sharing in the nature of the divine.

2. “Umm… What?” – Maria

During the mission “Entangled,” players experience a mind-bending encounter with alternate realities. As the concept is introduced, Maria, one of the researchers, responds with utter confusion and disbelief. Her humorous and bewildered reaction adds a touch of realism to the fantastical situation.

3. “Maybe The Less I Know, The Better.” – Emma

Emma, a freestar ranger and temporary companion, confronts the player’s incredible combat skills during the Deputized quest in Starfield. Marveling at their efficiency, Emma briefly considers delving into the player’s mysterious past but decides against it. This quote acknowledges the player’s ability to overcome obstacles swiftly while hinting at deeper character development.

4. “You Have An Opportunity To Reach The Closest Thing To Your God That Might Exist And You Are Second Guessing It?” – Matteo

Matteo responds to Walter’s skepticism about the gateway to the multiverse in Starfield. Matteo, devoted to his religion’s search for truth, encourages players to seize the chance to explore the unknown without hesitation. His words reflect the devotion and unwavering faith of Sanctum Universum members.

5. “I Find Matching Wits With The Neon Underworld To Always Be Invigorating.” – Walter

Walter, an initially reserved character, surprises players during a quest on the vibrant planet of Neon in Starfield. His enthusiasm to engage with the colorful and dangerous underworld showcases a different side of his personality, adding depth to his character.

6. “Easy Girl, Breathe, You’ll Have A Heart Attack.” – Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan, the leader of Constellation, reacts to Noel’s excited and breathless rant about a new artifact discovery in Starfield. Sarah’s remark not only adds a touch of humor but also emphasizes the significance of the players joining the ambitious mission of Constellation.

7. “Holy Sh*t, The Two Of You Did All That?” – Dasari

During the “Groundpounder” side quest in Starfield, Dasari expresses astonishment upon learning that the players completed a challenging mission alone. Playfully acknowledging the protagonist’s unstoppable nature, this quote embraces the meta-commentary on video game protagonists.

8. “War, Disease, Famine, All The Classics.” – The Hunter

The Hunter, one of the pivotal characters players encounter in Starfield, defends NASA’s decision to sacrifice Earth for space travel. Calling attention to the unfortunate state of the planet, this quote prompts reflection on the consequences of humanity’s actions and the need for exploration.

9. “He’s Barrett, I’m Barrett, Other Than That Mind-Bending Fact, There’s Really Not Much To It.” – Barrett

Barrett, a charismatic and multi-talented character, encounters an alternate version of himself in Starfield. This humorous quote underlines Barrett’s nonchalant attitude and clever wordplay. It highlights his ability to navigate tricky situations and adds an extra layer of intrigue to his character.

10. “I Saw This And Thought Of You.” – Andreja

In Starfield, companions may give players gifts as their relationship grows. This quote, typically uttered by Andreja, captures the unexpected nature of the gift-giving process. Though the actual gift may be simple, it showcases the companions’ evolving connection with the player.

11. “By Vectera! I Can’t Believe It!” – The Adoring Fan

The Adoring Fan, a character only encountered if the player chooses the Hero Worshipped trait during customization, delivers this excited exclamation in Starfield. The unique combination of the unexpected phrase and the adoring fan’s eccentricity makes this quote a memorable and entertaining moment in the game.

Starfield offers players an immersive world filled with vibrant characters and engaging quests. The memorable quotes from the game capture the wit, philosophy, and humor that make the experience truly unforgettable. From Matteo’s profound exploration of existence to The Adoring Fan’s quirky enthusiasm, the dialogue in Starfield adds depth and entertainment to the player’s journey through the stars.