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Leveling up of your character in Final Fantasy 14

FF 14 is one of the most popular games in the MMO RPG genre, which competes with the famous World of Warcraft and brings its own features and ideas for the development of the entire industry as a whole, but at the same time, the developers from Squire Enix are trying to develop their universe since the times of the console versions with the transition to the PC version and MMO RPG to attract new players and retain old ones who want to explore a new world, complete quests and grind and accumulate resources, or buy ffxiv gil.

Quests from different NPCs

It doesn’t matter which character and race you choose for your gameplay – the process of developing your hero will be identical to you and has only three options between which you can and should choose, but it is better to combine and merge so as not to lose most of the content and not have to make a choice between experience and equipment and weapons and do not give up FF 14 gil in favor of pure grind.

Quests in their form are always and in all projects divided into two types – plot and secondary and optional, but quite useful.

Story quests are the main and important quests that were created by game developers with two important tasks.

  1. They should teach players how to simply and interestingly use all the capabilities of their characters, in which direction to study skills, what types of equipment to use and why, and what tasks to set for themselves, including in secondary gameplay such as processing resources and professions.
  1. Telling the main storyline to close the main contradiction, which is that the MMO RPG is essentially a meaningless activity, but through the plot and the assigned tasks, game developers bring new meanings to the players that extend the gameplay for many hours and add interest.

The developers from Squire Enix have prepared a large storyline, which, according to them, will take at least 100 hours of real time, and this is only the main gameplay, not to mention all the additional tasks that you can take to develop your character and earn gil in Final Fantasy 14.

Secondary quests are simple quests that fill all major cities and other locations. They often do not carry a plot load, but are simply needed so that players can receive additional resources, FF 14 gil and experience simply by solving various problems of local NPCs, such as attacks on farms, or other situations.

These quests are optional and can be ignored entirely if desired, but it will be better if you can combine them with the main storyline to complete them simultaneously, in adjacent locations, and get maximum experience and gold.

Otherwise, you can ignore this type of gameplay and focus on the classic grind.

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Grind and leveling up at locations

Grind is a format for gaining experience by hunting monsters in various locations that suit your level, regardless of the quest system.

This type of leveling is best combined with the quest system in order to get maximum experience. To do this, just collect all types of tasks, come to the location and start your hunt until each quest is completely completed, but do not return to the peaceful city, but continue the hunt until You will not completely fill your inventory, you will not outgrow the location and monsters in levels, or you simply will not get bored, or you will die and need to be resurrected in the city.

This way, you will maximize the growth of your experience within an hour and your character will develop as quickly as possible.

However, the entire hunting process does not have to be associated with quests – if you play in a group, large or small, and can quickly kill several enemies in a series of attacks, then you can completely abandon most tasks, because you will receive much more experience as a hunt, and you can return to a peaceful city after your inventory is completely filled, or the group is spent.

Raids in FF 14

The dungeon attacks in Final Fantasy 14 follow a format where formidable bosses, accompanied by their guards, lurk in the shadows. Engaging in these raids provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience and earn gil by selling valuable equipment that either doesn’t fit or is already present in your character’s inventory.

There are three types of raids, each with its own mandatory requirements for minimum and maximum character levels, as well as equipment standards. Falling below these requirements will make it critically difficult for players to emerge victorious.

As the raid levels and complexity increase, so do the requirements. However, it is within these challenges that you’ll find everything you need to succeed.

Normal difficulty level

This is a standard raid format in Final Fantasy that introduces the player to the dungeon, all three bosses, and the basic mechanics they use.

It is not difficult to complete such a dungeon, provided that each player in the group understands their role and simply completes their tasks. First of all, this concerns the tank and calipers, which need to be attentive to control any scenarios.


This is the next stage of the same raid, which will require the character to have the required level of equipment and weapons, without which there will be no access to the next difficulty level. Fortunately, you can get everything you need in the standard difficulty level.

Please note that the boss will be more difficult, faster and stronger and more protected. The format will be much more difficult, but not as much as the next format, for which the heroic raid will prepare you.


The most difficult format that will require you to have high-level equipment and weapons, but not as a whim of the developers, but as necessary conditions so as not to simply fail this format.

Bosses will simply rage, often use their unique attacks, and at the same time not inform the environment about this. All group members must be extremely attentive so as not to fail a difficult raid, which does not forgive mistakes, but brings a large amount of experience and valuable equipment in the role of Gills Final Fantasy.